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Getting a proper office or not?

There is a very informative thread on BoS going on right now about getting a proper office. Most people advise the original poster against getting an office and suggest saving the money instead. However, one important reason for getting a proper office isn’t mentioned in the thread: separation of work and life. Separating work and […]

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DGrok Delphi Grammar

Joe White started an interesting and promising project: the DGrok Delphi Grammar project. This project aims to document the entire Delphi language grammar and provide a complete parser for Delphi. There are a few Delphi parsers out there that are far from complete so it would be very useful to see a complete Delphi parser. […]

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New Gurock Software forum

I finally found the time to install a new forum software for the Gurock Software website. We used our own custom forum before (which, in retrospect, wasn’t a very smart idea) but wanted to get a more advanced forum with user accounts, email notifications, search and so on. We now use the very nice UseBB […]

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New SmartInspect review on DevCity.NET

After reviewing SmartInspect 1.4 for DevCity.NET last year, John Spano has taken a look at the new features of SmartInspect 2.x and reviewed the new version: “SmartInspect has always been a very well written logging product. With the release of version 2, it’s much more powerful and easy to use now. I highly recommend it […]

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We just relaunched, our Delphi blog aggregator and Delphi community website. But because we had to change the DNS entry of the domain, you might not be able to see the new site for the next 20 hours. Besides building a new design for the site, we added new sections like the new Delphi […]

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Fogbugz gets an integrated Wiki?

It looks like Fog Creek is adding a Wiki to their bug tracking product Fogbugz. How I know this? Look at Joel’s latest posting. Notice the link to the Wiki? It’s a link to a Fogbugz installation. If the Wiki is done right, with good integration with the rest of Fogbugz, this could become a […]

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Email problems

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our email setup as some providers are classifying our emails as spam. We are investigating the issue at the moment and suspect that the IP address block of our hosting provider got blacklisted. If you sent us emails in the last time and didn’t get a response, please resend […]

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SmartInspect 2.1 released

SmartInspect 2.1 is the first SmartInspect version that comes with support for the new Delphi 2007 including project files, pre-compiled binaries, live templates and IDE integration. We also included a new regular expression library for improved searching and filtering. The new regular expression library we use is based on the de facto regular expression standard […]

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SmartInspect CodeRage 2007 session

I finally uploaded my CodeRage 2007 SmartInspect session and it’s now available for online viewing and download. In retrospect I should have shown more of the advanced SmartInspect features like log levels, multiple sessions and the backlog queue etc but I think the session is okay for my first try (and it was received very […]

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Word and Outlook Vi emulation

Just a quick note that Jon of ViEmu just released his new product, a vi/vim emulator for Word and Outlook, making this his third product. Tobias reviewed ViEmu for Visual Studio a while back on this blog but to be fair, ViEmu improved a lot since the early days so don’t base your decision to […]

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