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Gurock Software is hiring

We are looking for new talent to join our distributed team. For now we are looking for computer science students helping us part-time with specific software development and marketing projects. The work would be done remotely via telecommuting and we offer flexible hours. We may also have open vacancies for additional full-time software developers soon. […]
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SmartInspect licenses for user groups

Now that we just announced our TestRail offer for open source teams, we also wanted to formalize our SmartInspect license offer for software development user groups. We have sponsored dozens of .NET, Java and Delphi user groups over the years and regularly blogged about it. So we are happy to make this a permanent offer […]
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New server infrastructure

We have been busy upgrading all Gurock Software services and websites to new servers this past weekend. Since the launch of our test management software TestRail earlier this year, we introduced a new hosted trial to make the evaluation of the product easier. The hosted trial has been quite popular so we decided to put […]
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Updated SmartInspect for PostSharp aspect library

Ever since our friends over at SharpCrafters released the first beta versions of their improved PostSharp 2.0 AOP library for .NET, we received requests from SmartInspect users for an updated aspect library. Now that the latest PostSharp release candidate reached an important milestone (all APIes are frozen) we decided to update our existing aspect library. […]
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Launch of

We always wanted to have some place where we could post code and add-on projects related to our products, but we didn’t like the idea of using Google Code or other public code hosting services for this. So when RemObjects announced their own project hosting website some time ago, we immediately knew that something like […]
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WCF logging and tracing with SmartInspect

Distributed software applications are usually difficult to debug. Bugs and performance issues can occur on the client, on the server or in the communication stack. Finding the root cause of such problems is often not trivial, especially if the issue only occurs on a production system. Luckily, .NET logging tools like SmartInspect help with this […]
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New SmartInspect demos

Over the next few weeks we are going to rewrite some of the demo applications we ship with SmartInspect and also add new ones. So far we just had a handful of demo applications for each supported platform (.NET, Java and Delphi) and we feel that users would benefit from additional demos that showcase more […]
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Aspect-oriented logging for .NET with Unity and SmartInspect

This article is part of a series about aspect-oriented logging with SmartInspect, our logging tool for .NET, Java and Delphi. Please see the first article of this series for a complete overview of the available posts. Michael Baarz recently emailed us as he was a looking for a modern .NET logging tool for his company’s […]
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Announcing SmartInspect 3.3

We are happy to announce the release of SmartInspect 3.3, a new version of our logging tool for .NET, Java and Delphi applications. The new version introduces support for .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 and also comes with various other improvements. .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 support Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 and […]
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Gurock Software on Twitter

While individual team members here at Gurock Software have been using Twitter for quite some time now (@dgurock, @tgurock), we decided to create a company-wide Twitter account for Gurock Software so that you can stay up-to-date on all SmartInspect and TestRail news, ask questions and get in touch with us on Twitter. So please feel […]
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