Google Analytics is down

Google Analytics has been down several hours today (and still has sporadic problems). The problem was that the Java Script file that is hosted by Google and which is included in all tracked websites couldn’t be downloaded anymore. This means that all websites that use Google Analytics have been down, too. Browsers don’t render a site unless the Java Script files have been downloaded and if a Java Script download times out, the website in question needs around a minute to display.

Since we have been using Analytics on all our websites (, and this blog), all our websites had problems loading. I just removed the code from our sites because we cannot trust Google Analytics anymore. Lesson learned: do not depend on third-party services that can bring your website down, even if it’s Google.

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    I’m not using GA myself but supposedly it should be enough to move their javascript code to the end of the page, it will be good enough to show the page, though the browser might still show the page as not completely loaded.

    Maybe they should use some trick to load the javascript code from a small snippet and eval it when it’s loaded to avoid such things. Though it won’t solve the issue of lost statistics.

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    I know about the trick with moving the Java Script include to the bottom of the page, but the problem is that you sometimes need to call some java script functions from the included file (for a link to the shop, for example). And I suppose that the functions wouldn’t work if the script is included later in the page.

    We even thought about hosting the Java Script file ourselves, though I don’t know if Google’s TOS allows it and we would have to check Google’s file regularly for updates.

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    Dennis I’ve written a post about how to use Google Analytics so that if it goes down it doesn’t interfere with your website.

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    Thanks James. This is similar to the suggestion Baruch posted. Just a quick question: If I add the Java Script include to the bottom of the page, can I use the Urchin Java Script functions earlier on the page (your posting looks like it should work)?

    I will look into it and decide if I re-enable Analytics. Additionally I will look for some alternatives that we can host ourselves though.

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