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One of the unique features of our test management software TestRail is that, while it’s a web-based tool, it can actually be downloaded and installed on your own server. Most modern web-based tools are only available as a SaaS/cloud based option, and many of our customers really appreciate that they can install TestRail on their own server.

We expect that the download option will continue to be a popular choice for TestRail, but we also want to reach customers who prefer a hosted edition. That’s why we are really happy to announce TestRail Hosted today, a SaaS edition of TestRail hosted on our servers.

We have been offering hosted trial installations of TestRail on our own servers for quite some time now and it has been a great way to easily try TestRail. We’ve now built our own private cloud service to offer production-ready TestRail instances in a professional data center, and offer TestRail for a monthly (or alternatively yearly) subscription fee. This includes usage of the software, hosting, automated updates and support. No upfront licensing fee or IT required! You can learn more about the TestRail Hosted pricing and other details on our website.

Going forward all new hosted trials will automatically be created on the new infrastructure and you can either subscribe to continue using the hosted edition when the trial expires, or you can export your data for a local installation. If you are already using a hosted trial or a local TestRail installation and want to migrate to our new infrastructure, please contact us. Please also let us know if you have any questions about the new offering.

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