Announcing the SmartInspect Delphi Plugin (Beta)

We are happy to announce the first beta release of the new SmartInspect Delphi Plugin. This plugin allows you to easily add Enter/LeaveMethod calls to your Delphi source code by automatically instrumenting selected methods and functions. Although the plugin still has some limitations, it already works very well for the Delphi Units we tested it with. Click on the screenshot below to see the plugin in action:

SmartInspect Delphi Plugin

The final version of this plugin will be shipped together with a future SmartInspect release. Until then, feel free to use this plugin to instrument your source code with Enter/LeaveMethod calls and please send us any bug reports and feature requests. We also plan to build additional plugins for other IDEs, including Visual Studio.

If you are comfortable with using unfinished (beta!) software, please download the SmartInspect Delphi Plugin here and make sure to read the Readme.txt for installation instructions:

Additional SmartInspect Tools