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We were looking around for another antivirus solution in the last weeks. We have been using Symantec Antivirus Small Business Edition or whatever it’s called and we had to renew the subscription. This was a good time to look around for some alternatives, because frankly, Symantec Antivirus isn’t great. In fact, it’s slow, doesn’t have as frequent antivirus updates as other vendors and the server software to configure all clients on the network isn’t very usable.

Why we used it in the first place? Well, first it was very cheap (you get what you pay for). The Small Business Edition allows you to install the software on up to 5 clients OR servers for $200 if I recall correctly. This means that you can protect 2 workstations, 2 notebooks and a workgroup/file server with it, for example. All other vendors I looked at had different licenses for clients and servers back then and server licenses started at around $300-$500/year. Since the last virus I saw live was Parity.B in DOS 10 years ago, I just refuse to pay a $700 Windows tax each year. But since we need to have an antivirus solution to protect our customers and our data, just in case, we just bought Symantec Antivirus. The other reason we bought Symantec’s solution was because we didn’t really have the time to look at the different options in detail. We worked on SmartInspect 1.0 and had a million other things in mind.

Well, since the last time we were shopping around for an antivirus solution, TrendMicro added it’s own small business pack called Client Server Security for Small and Medium Busines. It costs $147 for the first year and just 20% for renewals. We have been using it for some weeks now and the client software is much faster and the web management interface is nice (although it’s IE only). So if you are looking for an antivirus solution for your small software business network, I can really recommend it.

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