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Wow .. this was unexpected. Borland just announced that they are selling all their IDE products to a yet unknown company. The current employees working on the IDEs will leave Borland for the new company. Borland itself will focus on its core business of application lifecycle management tools for enterprise customers.

The idea of a separate company for the IDE products like Delphi, BDS and JBuilder was always floating around in the blogosphere and newsgroups. But I didn’t expect that this would happen. I have mixed feelings about this move. On the one hand it could be a great opportunity and a big boost for products like Delphi if the new owner company really cares about it. Borland was moving more and more into the ALM market and didn’t have the resources to make Delphi more popular.

On the other hand it could be a bad thing for the products. This really depends on the company that is buying the products. If they are only interested in, say, acquiring a successful dev team, there could be a hard time ahead for users of Borland’s IDEs. But this is pure speculation and we will have to wait until Borland announces the new owner of the IDEs.

Another thing is the branding issue. Borland, the now ALM-only company, will keep the ‘Borland’ name. The new IDE products will be developed and marketed under the new name. The Borland brand is well-known by developers and is often associated with IDE products. Marketing Delphi under a new company name might be much harder.

Anyway, here is the announcement on David I’s blog: Borland plans separate company for Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder, InterBase, JDataStore and other developer products. And Borland is holding a community live chat later today: Community Live Chat today at 3:00 PM PST

To read the reactions of the blogosphere about this, visit later today (the site is hosted by Tobias and me).

PS: Now I know why we weren’t accepted as a Borland Technology Partner and were asked to wait until January for some ‘reorganizations and announcements’ ..

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