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Where have all the testers gone?

TestRail, testers

I recently had the pleasure of running my tutorial, how to lead continuous delivery with Testing, at Agile Testing Days. With twenty-two students, the tutorial was well attended. What surprised me was the demographics.

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Metrics: The Ugly, The Bad and Finding What Works for You

TestRail, Metrics

Metrics and measurements are all around us. They inform and are tracked in every part of our lives, from our commute to work to how people perceive the economy is behaving. When used properly they are a great help to our understanding of nearly everything. Why then, do people working in software struggle with measurements?

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Developer-Tester Collaboration: How and Why

TestRail, Developer, Tester

Your agile team might think that the developers collaborate with developers and testers collaborate with testers. However, the more the various people collaborate across specialty, the better the product can be. And, they might be able to finish the work faster.

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Regression Testing with the Whole Team

TestRail, Regression Testing 

Too many regression tests, too little time. Whatever your feeling about regression tests or test cases, we all do it in some form. Using TestRail to coordinate testing, we manage to get the whole company involved in our regression testing.

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Defining Exit Criteria for All Stages of Your Agile Project

TestRail, Agile, Exit Criteria

For an agile project, having clear and concise exit criteria makes it easier to understand the scope and avoid going overboard while keeping a tab on your quality. Let’s look at some ways to structure your exit criteria at the sprint, user story, and task levels in an agile project.

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Why Do We Need Automated Tests, Anyway?

TestRail, why automated tests  

Test Automation has become ubiquitous, a bit like wifi. It is everywhere in software development. Sometimes it is done powerfully and well, other times, it is suboptimal. Let’s revisit some of the reasons why.

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The Long and Winding Road to Testing

TestRail, Software Testing Career

How DO people become testers? Can testers with non-traditional backgrounds and paths succeed? What knowledge and skills does it take to have a successful career in testing?

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Announcing TestRail 6.1 with Jira Integration, Audit, Backup & UX Enhancements

TestRail, Release

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of TestRail 6.1 for both our cloud and server customers, with a number of feature improvements for standard and Enterprise TestRail users.

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On-Demand Webinar: Introduction to the TestRail API

TestRail, API, Webinar

Watch this recorded webinar for an introduction to the powerful TestRail API. Learn how the API is organized. See examples of data submission and retrieval, plus an automation example. The session concludes with Q&A.

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TestRail is #1 in Software Testing Rankings for 2019


TestRail has again been named a leader in the Fall 2019 G2 Grid for Software Testing. TestRail is the #1 most popular tool overall, and the leading test management tool in a list that includes a wide variety of vendors, including test automation tools and testing platforms.

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