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Tester’s Diary: More Hands Make Better Work

TestRail, Collaboration

More hands definitely make less work for each individual, but ensemble programming and testing also make better work for the end user.

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How to Integrate Selenium with TestRail

TestRail, automation testing

TestRail allows you to capture all testing activities related to the system under test so you can answer questions like “What’s the status of testing? How much testing is left? Do we feel confident that we’ve done enough testing to go live?

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Performance Tests Deserve Continuous Testing Too

globe with magnifying glass

Continuous Testing (CT) is often described in terms of unit tests. Performance tests deserve to be in CT, too, though. While performance testing has its challenges, the right understanding makes it possible not just to fit performance into CT, but to make the most of that position.

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Tester’s Diary: My First Week on Call

TestRail, Crisis management

Developers and testers rotate on call, and my first experience involved a few issues and a desire to delay a release.

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8 Browser Plugins for Testing

TestRail, computer screen with sticky notes

When I think of testing a website or application, I generally break it into two kinds of work. There is the initial work on the new feature, which is usually deep into that feature and the things that surround it. Then, later, I may need to check to see if a set of changes caused unanticipated problems.

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6 Ways to Grow Your Testing Career in 2021

TestRail, testing career

Last year was hard in more ways than one. As a result, our career and growth plans might have taken a back seat. Let’s take charge of our careers and drive them in the direction we want. Here are 6 ideas.

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Can You Unit Test Your Database? You Bet!

Historically, if you asked what unit testing was, you’d probably get a curious mix of definitions.This has included everything from very specific definitions to the extremely vague.

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TestRail User Survey Results 2020-Part 1

TestRail, 2020 User Survey

We are excited to share the insights from the 2020 TestRail User Survey. In total, we received over 2,500 responses to this year’s survey! In this post, we share the results and break down some key demographic highlights from this year’s survey.

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When Do I Stop Testing?

TestRail, Exit Criteria

Without a list of criteria, how do we know when testing is done — or how to get there? Read this article by Justin Rohrman, President of the Board of Directors for the Association for Software Testing, to learn the answer to this dilemma and revise your testing strategy.

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Announcing TestRail 7.0 with Shared Test Steps and Test Case Restore

TestRail release 7.0

We’re excited to announce the general availability of TestRail 7.0 for both our Cloud and Server customers. This release includes two major features requested by many users—Shared Test Steps and Test Case Restore—as well as a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

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