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Live Webinar May 22: What’s New in TestRail 5.7

TestRail, Enterprise, Release 5.7

Join TestRail product manager Simon Knight for an in-depth look at the enhancements in TestRail 5.7, including new API endpoints for reporting and attachments, and the ability to modify test results according to permissions. This webinar will also discuss the features available in the new TestRail Enterprise product tier.

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Discover Long Feedback Loops

Software Testing, Agile, Feedback, TestRail

Agile approaches encourage fast feedback between developers and testers, fast feedback between the product owner and the team, and fast feedback with the customer. Long feedback loops are signs of a system problem.

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Three Things to Learn

Postman, Service Mocking, Six Thinking Hats, TestRail

Continuous learning is a critical concept for your career and personal life. Here are three ideas that you can apply to grow professionally and personally.

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Using Test Coverage to Inform Exploratory Testing

Test Coverage, Exploratory Testing, TestRail

Code coverage looks at specific portions of the codebase exercised by automated tests and shows which portions of the codebase are covered, or aren’t. Understanding code coverage is a terrific way to help boost the value of exploratory sessions.

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Using Mind Maps for Agile Test Planning

Mind Maps, Agile, TestRail

Mind maps can be used in various stages of an agile project for test planning and test design. They can help make our essential documents leaner, more visual and more useful.

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Test Configuration Under Kubernetes Using Secrets

Kubernetes, Distributed computing, Virtual machines, Approach that uses Kubernetes, Performance testing, Containerized applications, Container orchestration. TestRail

Kubernetes puts containers and container orchestration at the forefront of systems design. Kubernetes is a dynamic environment with configurations requirements that can change at the drop of a dime. This is true for configuration information that is general to the application as well as for information that is particular to a given test. You need a secure way to provide configuration information on a “just-in-time” basis. This is where Kubernetes Secrets become useful.

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TestRail Again a Leader in the G2 Grid for Software Testing

TestRail, G2 Grid, Leader

TestRail has been named a Leader in the Spring 2019 G2 Grid for Software Testing. According to this report, TestRail is the #1 most popular tool overall among 42 vendors, based on customer reviews. TestRail also appears at or near the top of the rankings in the categories for customer satisfaction and ease of use. TestRail was previously named a Leader in the Winter 2019 G2 Grid, and was also identified as one of the top 50 fastest growing products for 2019.

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TestRail Enterprise Edition is Now Available

Tester, Developer, Team, Collaboration, TestRail, Enterprise.

We’re pleased to announce that TestRail Enterprise is now available, delivering essential features for larger teams and mission-critical projects, including SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO), enhanced API performance, audit log, priority support, and more. Upgrade to TestRail Enterprise by July 31, 2019 to get 25% off for the first year.

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Three Techniques for Better Dev-Tester Collaboration on UI Testing

Tester, Developer, Team, Collaboration, TestRail.

Automating User Interface testing (also called Functional Testing or End-to-End Testing) can be an extraordinarily difficult, frustrating exercise. Teams writing test automation at this level are hostage to so many different complexities including the UI technology stack, controls on the UI, delays in asynchronous actions, and many more. Thankfully, good teams can solve many problems with some good communication and collaboration between the developers and those writing the UI automation tests. This article will give you three specific tips for solving some common problems in UI test automation.

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Action Required for Jira Cloud Integration Plug-In Update

Jira Cloud Plug-In, TestRail.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Atlassian has announced an end to cookie-based authentication and basic authentication with passwords for Jira Cloud. Action is required by April 29 if you are using Jira Cloud: You must change the existing password-based Jira integration authentication to the new API token-based authentication by April 29. After this date, password-based authentication may no longer work. Support for token-based authentication is included in the 5.7 version of TestRail.

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