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Tester’s Diary: Butting Heads

TestRail, two software testers sitting on a diary

I came to my current company nine months ago. I liked my new boss, and the people seemed fun, smart, and hard-working. What I didn’t expect was how much conflict I would have with the product owner.

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Testing Blockchain Transactions with Cryptocurrency


Public blockchains are a domain where you can’t manipulate data for your tests. There is limited support for test data and test transactions so you’re often testing with real funds. Learn how to test and what to look for when you’re testing Bitcoin (and/or other cryptocurrency) transactions on public blockchains.

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How to Stay Engaged with Your Team While Working from Home

TestRail,two workers at computers

Many software teams are working remotely because of COVID19. You may have gotten comfortable and set a routine for yourself in this work-from-home setup. But are you engaging enough with your colleagues?

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Announcing TestRail 6.4 with Enhanced Assembla Integration, Improved Push Defect Features & PHP 7.3 Compatibility

TestRail,Release 6.4 announcement

We’re excited to announce the general availability of TestRail 6.4 for both our cloud and server customers. The main focus of this release is defect integration, with improvements to defect/ticket creation and API enhancements. We have also implemented a reference field on the TestRail milestone entity and introduced support for PHP 7.3 on-premise installations.

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Four Tips to Write Better Bug Reports

TestRail,other alt text

How you report the bugs you find plays a key role in their fate: being understood, resolved, deferred, or rejected. It is imperative for every tester to communicate the defect well. Here are some tips to help you write better bug reports

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Make Productivity a Habit with Daily Planning


Ever have a day where you have a whole set of things you meant to accomplish but after working a full day somehow none of those things actually got done? Here are some tips to get your day started off right. Help for identifying what’s important, prioritizing, and how to stay focused.

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Four Exit Criteria to Determine When User Stories Are Done-Done

exit criteria

Having predetermined exit criteria helps you be able to make the decision that a feature is truly ready to ship. Here is a list of exit criteria you must add to your user story to make it easy to bring conformity and quality to all your features.

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What Testers Should Know About Microservices

testers microservices

Microservices arrange an application as a collection of independent, modular services. It’s just another architecture, so it doesn’t truly impact requirements, meaning it doesn’t affect testing — right? As sensible as that logic sounds, it has holes.

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Six Ways Testers Can Help Programmers Clean Up Their Acts

testers helping programmers

As older testing chores are automated, a test team can concentrate on higher-order goals. For many testers, these days that means collaborating with developers to strive toward continuous testing (CT) targets.

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What to Do When Agile Isn’t an Option

agile no option

Almost every organization I’ve worked with in the past 15 years would describe themselves as an agile shop. Yet somehow every experience I’ve had with teams throughout my career looked slightly different, even though we all used the same words. Some teams were highly successful with Scrum or kanban, but others really struggled. 

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