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Fighting Defect Clusters in Software Testing

defect clusters

Defects tend to cluster in some areas of the software under test. It may happen due to higher complexity, algorithms, or a higher number of integrations in a few constrained segments of the software.

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Tester’s Diary: Taking the Ego Out of Testing

software testing advice

There’s nothing quite like the first session with a new product. There’s curiosity, eagerness, and a desire to learn and explore, and those feelings are a lot of fun.

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Desk Tests, Continuous Tests, and Everything Between: How Much Automation Different Tests Deserve

types of software testing

Some tests deserve automation. Some tests are worth running on developers’ desktops. And — rarely — some code doesn’t deserve to be tested at all

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Are You a Good Agile Leader?

agile leaders

Agile leaders are supposed to get the maximum amount of quality work done with minimum control of the situation. The team constantly needs support and guidance while remaining independent and self-motivated.

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The Most Important Tool for Software and System Testing

best testing tools 2020

The increase in demand for standards and standardization has continued. Not exactly a “surge,” at least in the US, but there is notable presence. Management tools and controls seem to be everywhere and growing in number. People continue to search for the magic metric bullet which will solve all the problems.

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Tester’s Diary: Who Values What

software testing advice

Back when I was a new tester, I assumed quality was a standard that could be measured by things like bugs found. Those were the days, right?

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Working from Home? Five Tips to Keep Your Sanity and Productivity Intact

software testing at home

As teams and companies across the globe are following social distancing recommendations, many workers are wading into unchartered territory. How are you supposed to maintain any kind of workflow when your surroundings (and mental state) are different from what you’re used to?

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Four Goals of Testing Beyond Finding Defects

four goals for testing

Are you testing with the sole purpose of finding defects? What if you don’t find any? Your testing should deliver more value than just finding bugs. Let’s examine the true goals of testing and aim at achieving all four of them for the quality benefits of our software.

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Solutions to Your Common Problems with Jira

jira problems

Anyone who has worked on a team using Jira has probably heard some complaints, and maybe even declarations of hatred. Your QA staff might be the exception, and that may only be because they’re used to it. How do you quiet the complaints of the haters and improve your team’s experience with this tool?

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Old Testing Must Die

testing must die

In 2011, Alberto Savoia proclaimed “Test Is Dead” at GTAC. His presentation was, “controversial.” The problems raised still exist. People still do the things that make testing slow and expensive compared to what can be done. Why are so many companies still doing them?

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