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New launched

New launched

We have just switched to the new website, after it has been tested by around 50 users in the past 2 weeks (all beta accounts and data have been moved to the new site, too, of course). Thanks to everyone who tested the new site and provided feedback! As...
New Beta now online

New Beta now online

We are very happy to announce a new beta of! We designed and developed the new site to be a mix of Digg, Stack Overflow and the old, allowing you to vote for postings, marking items off-topic and saving the best postings as favorites....

New Delphi Podcast

Jim McKeeth just published the first episode of his new Delphi podcast at In his first episode, Jim introduces the new features of the upcoming Delphi version code named Tiburon. Great to see a new Delphi podcast. Good luck Jim!

New Delphi developers need your help

Some fellow Delphi developers need your help over on the forums. I suspect that most people posting questions on the forums are new to Delphi and aren’t into the newsgroups (yet). So, why not show those new Delphi developers that...

Unicode-aware Delphi third-party components

Although Delphi supports Unicode with its WideString type and with many Unicode-aware runtime functions and classes, the user interface controls of Delphi’s VCL don’t currently support Unicode. CodeGear is planning to move the VCL to Unicode in the future,... Some interesting statistics

I love stats so I analyzed the database and AWStats results. Here are some fun quick stats about from the last 12 months: Monthly visits: 50.000 – 60.000 Estimated readers: 2.000 Crawled blogs: 55 Crawled postings: 2795 Crawled...