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Marco Cantù just released his Delphi 2007 Handbook which can now be ordered directly from To quote Marco on his new book:

“After writing 8 Mastering Delphi books, I’ve come to the decision that the Delphi community needs something different. Rather than writing an all-encompassing book, covering both introductory and advanced material, I think it makes more sense to write a book focused on existing experienced Delphi developers.”

“As many of these developers have missed the last couple of versions of Delphi, the aim of the book is to bring them up to speed covering the most important features added since Delphi 7. In most cases the material goes into some depth as it is not meant for beginners. Some of the new technologies, though, are only briefly covered as a way of introduction.”

I think this is a very smart move as the number of new Delphi developers has declined over the recent years and if you want to sell a new Delphi book, you better had some interesting content for existing users. By the way, Marco also posted some interesting blog postings about his experience with self-publishing a book on Interesting read!

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