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There are many free Delphi components out there. Some of them are of great value and quality. I wanted to take the chance and promote some of the better Delphi components/libraries on this blog by listing the free components that we use in SmartInspect (in the Console):

  • TMPHexEditor

    This is a hex editor control to display and edit binary data. You can build your own hex editor with it in minutes. We use it in the Console for the binary viewer which lets you inspect logged binary data.

  • Indy Sockets

    Indy is a very complete networking library. Although we built our own TCP classes for the Delphi library to reduce external dependencies, we use the Indy TCP Server in the SmartInspect Console and are very satisfied with it. Additionally to the basic protocols like TCP and UDP, Indy contains implementations of many high-level protocols like HTTP and SMTP.

  • SynEdit

    SynEdit is a source code editor control with highlighting support for many different programming languages. We use it for the source code viewer in the Console to display logged source code and SQL strings. It mimics many of the features of the Delphi code editor and can be used to build a sophisticated text editor.

  • TRegExpr

    If you need a regular expression library for Delphi, I would recommend taking a look at TRegExpr. It’s an efficient regular expression component written natively in Delphi and supports advanced regular expression features like non-greedy quantifiers. We use TRegExpr for the search feature of the Console.

  • VirtualTreeView

    This tree view control is probably the most flexible and customizable control I have ever seen. We use it for the Views and for almost all of the toolboxes. You can use it as a tree, a grid, a list or customize it to use whatever presentation style fits your needs. Additionally it supports Unicode natively, which is a big plus.

There are more great free Delphi components out there, but since we used the above components extensively in SmartInspect, I can highly recommend them. Thanks to the components authors for such a great work!

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