Free TestRail licenses for open source projects

We are happy to announce an offer to provide free licenses of our web-based test management software TestRail to open source projects and teams. As more and more users and organizations depend on open source software, introducing a dedicated test management tool to manage test cases and to ensure great release quality gets more important for projects.

Open source teams already use various tools to manage their software development process such as bug trackers, project management tools and source control. Teams can also benefit from a test management software to manage, organize and execute their tests. TestRail allows contributors to participate in projects’ software testing efforts and even enables non-technical users to contribute to projects.

We decided to make free licenses of our test management software available to open source teams as a way to give back to the community. Gurock Software is using various open source projects to power the infrastructure and development process so this makes a lot of sense for us. Interested open source teams can contact us or learn more about the offer on the dedicated web page.

Learn more: Free TestRail licenses for open source projects