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There is a very informative thread on BoS going on right now about getting a proper office. Most people advise the original poster against getting an office and suggest saving the money instead. However, one important reason for getting a proper office isn’t mentioned in the thread: separation of work and life. Separating work and life isn’t as easy if you work from an office at home. There are so many distractions that can lead to unproductivity in a home office that getting a proper office could pay off very quickly.

After working from a home office for some years now, we found it has many advantages on one hand and some serious drawbacks on the other hand. On the negative side, we found it quite stressful because we were basically working at all times. Although a proper office has other nice advantages like the possibility to grow, to invite partners, vendors and customers, we decided to get a proper office mainly for life and work separation. That’s why we have been looking for an office in the past few weeks and finally found one we like in the TechnologiePark Paderborn, where we will sign the lease in the coming week.

You have to decide for yourself if getting a proper office makes sense for you. We are sure that it’s the right thing for us and we are really looking forward to our new office in the coming year!

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