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Just a few weeks ago we formed a partnership with EurekaLab, the developers behind EurekaLog, the popular exception reporting tool for Delphi and C++Builder. What’s EurekaLog? EurekaLog allows you to catch exceptions and memory leaks, generates a detailed call stack and optionally notifies you via email about any errors your customers experience. More information about EurekaLog:

Additionally, with the help of the new SmartInspect memory protocol, you can conveniently attach SmartInspect log files to EurekaLog exception reports and find out what exactly happened before an exception occurred.

Why did we partner with EurekaLog? The first reason is that both products, SmartInspect and EurekaLog, have a similar customer base – developers who care about the quality of their software. This gives both companies the opportunity to expand their market.

The second reason is that SmartInspect is even more useful if it’s used together with a good exception reporting mechanism. This allows developers to automatically receive SmartInspect log files in case of a crash.

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