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While it’s our goal to make TestRail the best test management tool out there, it’s not a substitute for a good bug tracker. That’s why we recommend using TestRail together with one of the many bug tracking tools available. To make it easier to work with your bug tracker, TestRail contains a feature to link test cases against bugs managed in a third-party application.

Over the past few days I have been gathering all the necessary details (such as URL formats) to link TestRail to some of the most popular bug trackers. Please see the list below on how to integrate TestRail with your existing tools:

If your favorite bug tracker is not listed, you can still integrate it into TestRail pretty easily (you will just need to know the view and add URLs of your tool). We are also working on publishing more integration guides, so please let us know which bug tracker you use.

Update: We have added two additional bug tracker and project management tools to our website, namely Gemini (from CounterSoft) and SourceGear Fortress:

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