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After many months of work, I’m excited to share the first bits of information about our upcoming new product TestRail, a web-based test case management software. TestRail is intended to help software development teams and quality assurance departments manage test cases, track test results and organize software testing efforts.

TestRail lets you create software test suites that can be executed and run by a team of testers. You can conveniently enter test results and track the progress of single test runs, milestones or entire projects. Personalized todo lists, email notifications and activity reports make it easy to organize and manage software tests.

TestRail screenshot

TestRail is delivered as a web application that can be installed directly on your own server, as we understand that most software teams aren’t comfortable using a hosted solution. You can of course install the application in all common Linux/Windows hosting environments, so it’s easy to make TestRail available over the Internet if you have a distributed team.

Over the coming weeks we will introduce more details on TestRail and highlight some of the cool features and design decisions we made during the development of the application. Needless to say we optimized the entire user interface of TestRail to make it as easy as possible to create test suites, enter test results and track the progress of tests and used AJAX and other useful techniques were appropriate.

We plan to release a public beta version of TestRail in the coming months and release the final version of the product by the end of Q3 2009. If you are interested in giving TestRail a try, you can also request a private beta version before that (please email me in this case). Make sure to subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on TestRail news. In the mean time, please take a look at our TestRail preview website and check out the first screenshots. Feedback welcome!

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