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After following the news and blog postings surrounding the launch of the Borland Turbo products, I thought it would be a good idea to post a few links to the most interesting news. This posting is especially targeted at those readers who are not active in the Delphi community but are interested in getting started with Delphi (hey Bob, maybe it’s time for you to replace VB with Delphi?). Here they are:

  • TurboMerger – Build your “Turbo Explorer” Studio – Andreas built a tool to install more than one of the Turbos on the same machine. I’m not sure what Borland thinks about this, but they said the one-Turbo-per-machine limitation is only a technical one and that they are working on a solution to fix it – looks like Andreas was quicker!
  • ISO Images online – Daniel announces the availability of the Turbo Explorer ISO images and CD label graphics. So if you want to burn a few Turbo Explorer CDs for your friends or colleagues, just go to the download page on Delphi-PRAXIS.
  • Purchasing Turbo Professional – If you cannot wait until Borland added Turbo Professional to their shop (why is it taking so long, btw?), then get your copy from resellers who already have it listed.

All in all I think the Turbos are a great idea and I’m sure that the release of the new products will increase the interest in Delphi. But some aspects of the launch were poorly executed in my opinion, like the amateurish looking website (sorry David I!) and the fact that you still can’t buy Turbo Professional directly from Borland’s online shop.

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