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We always wanted to have some place where we could post code and add-on projects related to our products, but we didn’t like the idea of using Google Code or other public code hosting services for this. So when RemObjects announced their own project hosting website some time ago, we immediately knew that something like this would also work very well for us. When I asked about the software they were using, they referred me to the excellent Indefero project hosting software.

So as of today, we have our own project hosting website at We will use this website to host product-related projects and we invite you to contribute. We are also happy to host your projects if they are related to SmartInspect or TestRail, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in this.

For now there are just two projects on the site: PostSharp for SmartInspect (which will get a major rewrite soon, stay tuned) and a new TestRail mini API (more about this in a later posting). We plan to add other projects to the site in the future and open more of our code for contributions from the community. Enjoy!

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