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A lot of customers who adapt TestRail as their test management software already have a bunch of existing test cases. The test cases are either stored in another test management system they are migrating from. Or they managed their test cases with tools such as Excel. Whichever tool you used previously, chances are good that you want to migrate your existing test cases to TestRail.

Until now, we didn’t have any tools to help with the migration of existing test cases. This caused a real problem for customers who wanted to switch to TestRail without loosing their existing data. So today I’m happy to announce a new project to develop and provide ready-to-use migration scripts for popular test management systems and file formats such as CSV / Excel. The project is of course hosted on, including full source code and documentation:

TestRail Migration Scripts

The first scripts we published allow you to migrate existing test cases from TestLink, CSV and Excel files to TestRail. We plan to add additional test case migration scripts in the future and of course welcome contributions. Please let us know what other systems and file formats you would like to see migration scripts for (or even better, provide us with a few sample files). Chances are good that we are already working on it!

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