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After weeks of work we are happy to have the new Gurock Software website up and running. It’s always fascinating to see how much work such a small project really takes. Designing all the pages, adjusting the old PHP code, writing the copy, making screenshots and images, rewriting the copy because you already hate the new copy after a day, testing it with some often used browsers, updating the shop and lots of other stuff I forgot.

Why did we develop a new website in the first place? Well, we didn’t like the old design and copy anymore. Instead of changing the copy and design in small incremental steps, we thought it would be a better idea to start from scratch and build a completely new website. We are happy that we made the decision because we really like the outcome. We hope that the new website looks and reads much more professional than the old one.

We would love to get some feedback from you on our new website. So if you have a minute to spare, please visit our new website and leave a comment here. Any feedback would be welcome, especially suggestions to make it better or pointing out any errors that we didn’t catch.

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