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Besides adding support for the new major features of SmartInspect 3.0 (pipe protocol, log file encryption etc), we also added other new things to the SmartInspect Console:

Sort Packets
The SmartInspect Console already allows you to open multiple log files at the same time. However, the Console currently only adds log entries to the bottom of the active log and doesn’t merge it. The new Sort Packets feature allows you sort log entries by time and thus merge multiple log files. This is very useful if you need to merge log files from multiple processes and to see log entries of different processes in context.

Go to Time
The new Go to Time dialog allows you to quickly jump to a log entry that occurred at a specific time. I have seen this quite often: an end-user reports an application crash and sends a large log file to identify the issue. To make it easier to find the problem, it’s often useful to know at what time the crash occurred (especially if the log file includes log entries from multiple days). If your customer can provide you with the time the crash occurred, you can now easily jump to the relevant log entries with the Go to Time dialog.

View Synchronization
If you are working with multiple views in the Console, you have probably been in a situation where this new feature would have been handy. The Synchronize View feature allows you switch the view and jump to the currently selected log entry at the same time. Imagine that you have a custom view that only contains the errors that occurred in your application. You can now simply select the error and jump to it in another view and see the error in context with all the surrounding log entries.

View History
The new view history is very similar to the history feature of modern web browsers. It provides you with Back and Next buttons to easily jump to the next and previous views you have been looking at. This is especially useful if you are working with many views. You can also view the history and directly select and jump to a view:

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