New SmartInspect EAP Versions (and the SmartInspect Router)

We’ve released two new EAP versions in the last few days. On Thursday, we released the 3.0.2 EAP which fixes a few problems in the Console/Configuration Builder (most of the Console bugs were related to the shutdown behavior and pipe server). And a few minutes ago, I uploaded the new 3.0.3 version which introduces a new SmartInspect service application called the SmartInspect Router. From the docs:

The SmartInspect Router is a Windows service application which can receive SmartInspect log packets via TCP/IP or named pipes and routes them to different log destinations. The supported log destinations are the same as those from the SmartInspect libraries, namely log files, TCP/IP or named pipes. Two typical uses of the SmartInspect Router are to combine multiple client logs into a single log file and to collect logs in a central location. The SmartInspect Router is intended to provide a common logging infrastructure for distributed systems, multi-process applications and web applications.

Since SmartInspect is used more and more for web applications and distributed systems it became clear that we needed a server application that can receive logs via TCP/IP or named pipes and stores them in a central location. Many customers have expressed their need for such a solution.

We began work on the SmartInspect Router a few months ago and are happy to finally release the first version in this EAP. After installing the new EAP version, you can find the setup of the SmartInspect Router in the deploy directory of your SmartInspect EAP installation. The SmartInspect Router can be configured with a simple XML configuration file (please see the included help for details).

Releasing a completely new application is always a challenge and there might be a few things that don’t work correctly. If you encounter a problem with the SmartInspect Router, we would appreciate a comment in our SmartInspect EAP forum.