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Quality and Testing

testing or QA

I see it a lot. I bet you do too. People talk about Software Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Testing. Many treat the terms as interchangeable. As if they all mean the same thing. Do they?

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SmartInspect is Moving to Open Source


As of April 10, 2020, SmartInspect, the innovative logging and debugging tool, is a free, open-source project.

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How to Best Use Indispensable People

indispensable testers

For years, we asked people to reinforce the same skills. Now, we’re asking people to share their knowledge. What do you do when you want to use an agile approach, and you have an “indispensable” tester?

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Announcing TestRail 6.2 with Fast Track Editing, Dynamic Filtering & Save Validation

testrail 6.2 release

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail 6.2! The new and improved TestRail version is available for both our Cloud and Server customers.

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TestRail Supports Ministry of Testing as a Black Belt Sponsor – TestBash Brighton 2020

testbash 2020

We’re excited to announce that TestRail is supporting the Ministry of Testing as a Black Belt Sponsor. As a Black Belt sponsor, TestRail will be providing a scholarship place for one person to attend TestBash!

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Tester’s Diary: Lessons Learned in Training Testers

training a new tester

My journey to becoming a good testing mentor has been a bumpy one. My first experience was training Sara. Sara was a friend of mine from work whom I recruited for my team when one of the other testers left.

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TestRail’s Custom Script Repository | GitHub Repo for TestRail

testrail github repo

Now you can easily browse and locate useful scripts to enhance your testing. And, you’re invited to submit your own UI scripts, API scripts, defect plugins, and language translations.

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Become a Self-Taught Software Tester in 2020

self taught tester

If you are fresh out of college or looking to switch careers, even if you are not from a computing or engineering background at all, you can jump-start your career in testing. Here are some tips and advice on how to become a self-taught software tester this year.

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Three Steps to Set Up an Automation Strategy

automated tests strategy

Organizations must figure out what they want to automate, when they want to start, how to implement automated testing, and whether it can be used in parallel with their existing testing process, tools and frameworks. These are crucial aspects that must be considered in order to succeed.

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How Was This Tested?

software test fails  

There’s never enough time to really exercise a piece of software. Bosses want it done yesterday. Project Managers and Scrum Masters want to know the progress and what is left. So, hey, it worked just mark it as PASS and move to the next set of tests. That is fine, until something critical fails and everyone looks at the people who tested it. How do we, as testers, answer the question “How was this tested?”

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