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3 Tips for Measuring Test Coverage in an Automated Environment

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Modern development practices tend to be automation heavy. developers test drive and build unit tests, tests against the service, and then something against the UI. Through out the development cycle, people are exploring the change. How do we assess coverage, and how do we ensure we aren’t building too many overlapping tests when there is so much programmatic testing?

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Balancing Mobbing, Pairing and Solo Work

solo development, pair programming, mob programming, building software in teams, software testing in teams, team programming. TestRail.

I spent the first half of my career building software as an individual. Programming seemed a solo sport. I was content with sitting in a cube or office by myself, head down and focused on my problem. Today, it seems silly to view the average software development project as anything but a team effort, yet countless development shops still believe the solution is to improve how we work alone.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Agile Retrospectives

Performance testing, synchronous applications, asynchronous applications, log correlation, logging, information, event driven, correlationId

Retrospectives are an integral part of every project we undertake, and described as a key ceremony in scrum lifecycle. Though agile teams may be doing retrospectives as a part of their project lifecycle, but there are a few common mistakes we may be making which prevent us from obtaining the maximum benefits of this practice.

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Leading the Agile Culture Change

culture, leadership, transformation, agile culture, organisational culture, resource efficiency, TestRail.

When people start to change their questions and measurements, they often change their culture. Agile approaches change the culture of the project and organization. Here is how testers can change the conversation from being a “support” part of the organization to helping people see how to change the culture.

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Performance Testing Asynchronous Applications

performance test an asynchonous application, testing asynchonous applications, performance testing , monitor application behavior, Software testing, Testrail.

What do you do when you need to test the performance of an asynchronous application? What if the application is not easily observable in a standard input/output or request/response interaction? Performance testing asynchronous applications can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. You just need to change the way you think about monitoring application behavior.

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Applying the Lessons of TDD to Work in General

TDD, Benefits of TDD, Test Driven Development, Tightening feedback loops, Software Testing Strategies, TestRail.

I consider my adoption of TDD to be perhaps the most influential moment in my career of writing code. The practice provides so many benefits. Recently, though, I’ve realized that these benefits don’t just apply to writing code. They apply to everything I do professionally. And so today I’d like to share some of those lessons.

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The 7 Sins of Unit Testing

mistakes software developers tend to make in  unit tests, software testing problems, ineffective software test, difficulty maintaining testing. Testrail

Today I’m going to talk about mistakes that developers often make when writing unit tests. You’ll typically see these so-called sins of unit testing when people are first start unit testing. But if they’re not careful, it’s more than just a temporary growing pain. These problematic tests become baked in to the codebase and stick around for the long haul. Let’s look at what to avoid

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Vulnerability Assessments vs. Pen Testing: Which Should You Choose?

Pen Tests and Vulnerability Assessments. Security and Software Testing. Software Testing Strategies. Penetration Tests. TestRail.

Many people confuse the purpose of a vulnerability assessment and a penetration test. They are really different activities – each one with a specific set of goals. In this article, we’ll describe each activity and give some real examples of how pen tests and vulnerability assessments can be used correctly to provide the greatest value.

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Technical Debt Affects Testing, Too

build and deploy problems, fragility, refactoring, testability, technical debt, TestRail

When I was working on a project several years ago, the development team was making a case for addressing technical debt. Most conversations I hear about technical debt are framed around the affect they have on software development. I’d like to make some framing around how technical debt affects testing, quality, and delivery.

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Privacy and Confidentiality: What’s the Difference?

confidentiality and privacy in a software testing environment, difference between confidentiality and privacy, data protection and software testing, information security. TestRail.

The terms “confidentiality” and “privacy” are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent completely different topics. In this article, we’ll explain what each one is, how they differ, and some ways to ensure confidentiality and privacy in your environments.

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