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Atlassian Summit 2017 Apple Watch Giveaway Results

Atlassian Summit 2017 TestRail Apple Watch Giveaway Winners

While we were at the Atlassian Summit the TestRail team ran a competition to win 2x Apple Watches. Want to know who the winners were? Keep reading…

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5 Ways to Break Through Tester’s Block

Testers working on the same product or project for weeks or even months at a time might experience “tester’s block”. Tester’s block, similar to writer’s block, can leave testers in a rut, repeating the same tests over and over, without finding any new information. Fortunately, there are some mental tools, and some strategies that help testers adjust their mindset during such difficult times.

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How to Get Into Software Testing

How to Get Into Software Testing. There is no direct path into becoming a software tester.Consider revisiting your options in software testing training, in open source projects, and alternative paths into testing like support.

Testing is one of the few places in technology where people can come into the field without a college degree. Yet the door to get in is unclear. There is no direct path into becoming a software tester; no undergraduate degree, and no vocational school. When most people talk about their beginnings as a software tester, they say it happened by accident, they fell into it — they took the back door or a window.

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Atlassian Summit After Party Tonight!

The TestRail team is having a blast at the Atlassian Summit! And we want to make sure the fun and networking continues after the Expo Hall closes at around 8pm tonight.

If you’re still around after that, consider walking over to our after party where you’ll be able to grab some food and drinks, and meet some of the team.

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Testers Diary – Finding Answers in Your Own Backyard

I’d been testing at my current company for over 5 years before I met a tester from another team. When I started at the company I now work for, I had no idea there were other software teams as part of our business. I only knew about my team, and how we made our products. After about 2 years, the company I work for was part of a merger. As we transitioned into the new organization, our software team was made aware of other teams making software.

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Why is Testing Expensive?

When testers aren’t testing software, what are they doing? Why is Software Testing Expensive? How can we reduce this expense? TestRail

Testers don’t just test software. They perform many other activities aside from testing that, while equally important, tend to be forgotten about by managers and leaders. So, let’s break it down. When testers aren’t testing, what are they doing, and why is it so expensive? How can we reduce some of this expense?

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TestRail is at the Atlassian Summit 12-14th September!

TestRail is at the Atlassian Summit 12-14th September, Software Testing
In case you weren’t already aware, everyone who’s anyone uses JIRA to manage their software development processes. Sure, if you take a walk around the shop floor of your engineering department, you’ll no-doubt see the odd Kanban board with some Post-It’s hanging on a whiteboard or wall for dear life!

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Testing in DevOps

Software Testing in DevOps | Software testers and developers collaborating effectively. Test automation, coaching and pairing.

When I look up the definition of DevOps on Google, I see references to collaboration. Developers, product people, and operations all working together to make the best software they can. That sounds a lot like every other “modern development method”. When I dig deeper and look at the practice, I see a heavy focus on process automation. Developers write code and tests and check them into CI. Tools like puppet and chef turn builds that were previously handled by one person into something anyone can do at any time.

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30 Days of Agile Testing

30 Days of Agile Testing Sponsored by TestRail. Software Testing Challenges
In partnership with the renowned Ministry of Testing, we present to you 30 Days of Software Testing! What do you need to do? Simply check off as many of the challenges below as you can, and broadcast your progress along with the rest of the Software Testing Community using the #30daysoftesting hashtag via your preferred social media channel(s) – Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook!

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The Prego Testing Method

The Prego Software Testing Method, Regression software testing is handled nightly by a combination of an automated test suite and Justin is doing focused exploration

Prego had an advertising campaign for spaghetti sauce in the 80s and 90s. In the commercial, someone is stirring a pot of sauce and another person walks up and asks “what about garlic, what about onions, what about tomatoes”? The answer was always “It’s in there!” Everything someone wanted to know about Prego was listed on the bottle; there were real ingredients. In testing, we have thick documents that outline each step of the testing process and who does what.

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