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Solutions to Your Common Problems with Jira

jira problems

Anyone who has worked on a team using Jira has probably heard some complaints, and maybe even declarations of hatred. Your QA staff might be the exception, and that may only be because they’re used to it. How do you quiet the complaints of the haters and improve your team’s experience with this tool?

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Old Testing Must Die

testing must die

In 2011, Alberto Savoia proclaimed “Test Is Dead” at GTAC. His presentation was, “controversial.” The problems raised still exist. People still do the things that make testing slow and expensive compared to what can be done. Why are so many companies still doing them?

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Tester’s Diary: Be Brave and Read the Terms

test manager lessons

Don’t be afraid to rely on your past experiences to improve the software you work on now. We don’t need to be interchangeable testers, and being able to offer value in a way that we are uniquely able to do makes our software better.

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Anonymization: A Fundamental Technique for Testing in Production


Testing in production is like walking a tightrope: It takes skill to keep everything in balance. One crucial technique you have to master for testing in production is the anonymization of proprietary end-user data. Let’s examine why you need to understand this technique, and how to start with it.

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TestRail Live Webinars for May 2020

TestRail march webinars

TestRail is hosting three, free live webinars on May 2020, starting with our advanced training webinar, “Integrating TestRail with your CI/CD Process,” followed by our monthly live demo and introductory webinars. Join now for free!

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Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

software testing

Sacked. Made redundant. Let go. Laid off. Fired. The reason or cause doesn’t really matter. Even if you see or suspect it is coming, the reality can shatter your spirit and ego.

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Four Ideas for Self-Care When Working from Home

self care at work

You cannot control everything life throws your way, but you can control how well you take care of yourself. Here are four ideas to practice self-care in your work environment to increase happiness and bring back balance to your life.

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End to End Testing: Road to Salvation or Perdition?

whole team testing

Want to get some interesting, knee-jerk reactions? Tell people their End to End tests are not telling them what they think they are. End to End tests are often seen as the gold-standard of what testing should be. Is that accurate? Is it even reasonable?

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Reporting Up: Fostering Communication That Builds Trust

reporting uo

Have you ever been frustrated because you’re in the middle of a project, you’re working hard, and every time you turn around someone in leadership is asking you how things are going? It may be your manager, a team lead or the product owner, but the constant inquiries make you feel like others are afraid you’re not doing your job.

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TestRail Website Relaunch

TestRail, website relaunch

It’s been months in the works – and now it’s finally here: the completely re-designed TestRail website, with a refreshed design and easier navigation.

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