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What to Do When Agile Isn’t an Option

agile no option

Almost every organization I’ve worked with in the past 15 years would describe themselves as an agile shop. Yet somehow every experience I’ve had with teams throughout my career looked slightly different, even though we all used the same words. Some teams were highly successful with Scrum or kanban, but others really struggled. 

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What’s New in TestRail Release 6.3 Webinar – June 22

TestRail release webinar

Join TestRail product manager Simon Knight to learn about the new features in TestRail 6.3. The main new feature that has been added for this release is the ability to connect to several TestRail instances at once from your TestRail for Jira Plugin.

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Raise Your Exploratory Testing Game

exploratory testing tips

Exploration is an integral part of testing. Exploring the application is a great strategy for learning about how it works, finding new information and flows, and discovering some unique bugs too! 

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Tester’s Diary: Five Experiments for Reducing Rework

software testing

Is rework slowing your team down? Tester Rachel Kibler describes her approach to measuring rework and partnering with developers to reduce it. 

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Announcing TestRail 6.3 with Enhanced Jira Integration

TestRail release announcement

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of TestRail 6.3 for both our cloud and server customers. The main new feature of this release is the ability to connect to several TestRail instances at once from your TestRail for Jira Plugin. Larger organizations that have more than one TestRail customer account will be able to integrate ALL of their TestRail instances with a single Jira domain. Get the details here.

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How to Prepare for a Sprint Planning Meeting

software testing

Working on a Scrum team? Do these five simple things before an upcoming sprint planning meeting to help ensure that your next sprint is successful.

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Be Your Best Advocate: How to Track Your Career Value

best advocate

At every stage in your career you must be prepared to be your own advocate. When you are reliant on others to recognize your effort and abilities on their own, you run the risk of being overlooked in the naturally occuring chaos inside any organization.

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Fighting Defect Clusters in Software Testing

defect clusters

Defects tend to cluster in some areas of the software under test. It may happen due to higher complexity, algorithms, or a higher number of integrations in a few constrained segments of the software.

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Tester’s Diary: Taking the Ego Out of Testing

software testing advice

There’s nothing quite like the first session with a new product. There’s curiosity, eagerness, and a desire to learn and explore, and those feelings are a lot of fun.

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Desk Tests, Continuous Tests, and Everything Between: How Much Automation Different Tests Deserve

types of software testing

Some tests deserve automation. Some tests are worth running on developers’ desktops. And — rarely — some code doesn’t deserve to be tested at all

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