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Can You Unit Test Your Database? You Bet!

Historically, if you asked what unit testing was, you’d probably get a curious mix of definitions.This has included everything from very specific definitions to the extremely vague.

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TestRail User Survey Results 2020: Part 1

TestRail, 2020 User Survey

We are excited to share the insights from the 2020 TestRail User Survey. In total, we received over 2,500 responses to this year’s survey! In this post, we share the results and break down some key demographic highlights from this year’s survey.

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Traceability and Test Coverage in TestRail

TestRail, software tester with mind maps

One common question we receive from new TestRail users is: “How do I trace requirements using TestRail?” Sometimes, folks even specifically ask, “Does TestRail support RTM (Requirements Traceability Matrix) to trace the test coverage?” Check out this post to learn how!

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When Do I Stop Testing?

TestRail, Exit Criteria

Without a list of criteria, how do we know when testing is done — or how to get there? Read this article by Justin Rohrman, President of the Board of Directors for the Association for Software Testing, to learn the answer to this dilemma and revise your testing strategy.

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Announcing TestRail 7.0 with Shared Test Steps and Test Case Restore

TestRail release 7.0

We’re excited to announce the general availability of TestRail 7.0 for both our Cloud and Server customers. This release includes two major features requested by many users—Shared Test Steps and Test Case Restore—as well as a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

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4 Major Misunderstandings About Pull Requests

testers with tool box

Pull requests are often treated as a kind of medical examination: an untrusted developer receives correction from a review board of peers or even superiors who correct the request so it’s safe to advance. But there’s a better way to handle pull requests.

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DevOps Test Strategy: How a Tester Triumphs

TestRail,self taught software tester

As a tester, it can be intimidating to get involved in the middle of the testing process, especially on a highly technical project. But often DevOps teams can benefit greatly from the mindset and input of a seasoned tester. How do you approach these teams, get involved, and develop a successful testing strategy with a DevOps team?

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7 Ways to Define ‘Enough’ Testing

TestRail, men looking at the task board

Testing is done when all the tests have run, goes the thinking. Yet test ideas occur as the testing is proceeding. So when do you stop? How much testing is enough?

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Change Is Hard, Agile Change Is Harder. Here’s How to Succeed

TestRail, guy with a laptop

Most of the time change is uncomfortable. Sometimes it can be a little scary. Then there is “Agile.” Here are some of the things I’ve learned about how to have as smooth and painless a change to Agile as possible.

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Tester’s Diary: Making a Difference

TestRail, Two software testers standing near a laptop

As an individual contributor, it can be hard to feel like I’m making a difference on my team and at my company. But with a combination of some guts and supportive leadership, I can move mountains.

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