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Is Your Testing Arresting?

Taking alternative positions in Software Testing. Software testing for different people, tools and processes. Modifying software testing approaches and strategies. Gurock and TestRail.

Was the testing you did today beautiful? You know, that testing where you copy-pasted Lorem Ipsum into every text box in your application in turn over three long hours? Hmm. But have you ever seen any beautiful testing? I mean, can testing even be beautiful?

When you start a piece of work you might consider what would make it beautiful for the people who matter. When you’ve finished, and are wondering whether you did a good job, you might remind yourself that “good”, like beauty, is relative…

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Testers Diary – There are Bugs in this Testing Strategy

Software Testing Strategies. New Software Testing Strategies. Resolving barriers to new software testing strategies. Gurock Testrail.

Moving into the development team room caused me to change my testing strategy. This article will reveal how I learned the hard way that changing strategies isn’t enough. You need to be able to adjust your behavior to implement the new strategy as well.

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21 Questions to Ask When Being Interviewed

21 Questions to Ask When Being Interviewed for a Software Testing Role. Interview Preparation for Software Testing Jobs. Software Testers Career advice. Gurock TestRail.

When you attend an interview you expect to be judged based on your answers to questions the interviewer asks you. But did you stop to think about whether they’re also judging the questions YOU ask THEM in response?

The questions you ask demonstrate curiosity and attention. They show that you’re aware of what you don’t know and can source information to plug the gap. And, you can figure out whether or not the role is a good fit for you. So when you get interviewed for your next testing role… What questions should you be asking?

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Is Test Automation for Regression Purposes Worth It?

Is Test Automation for Regression Purposes Worth It? The scope, scripting and execution process. Software testing strategies. TestRail blog.

One of the major advantages for automation is that you can use it to perform regression testing. After having implemented, or attempted to implement, an automation strategy for multiple employers, I have learned the hard way that not everything makes sense to automate, especially when it comes to regression…

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Manual Testing and Automation: Better Together

Succesful projects using a mixture of exploratory testing and automation to provide the best possible coverage for any scenario. Comprehensive in-depth testing strategies.

It can be hard to convince manual testers to open their toolbox and spend time outside of their comfort zone learning to write some automated scripts to aid them in repetitive tasks. Both manual and automated testers can benefit from some understanding of the work that happens on “the other side”.

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TestRail & Ranorex – A Winning Combination

We're very pleased to announce that Ranorex has been acquired by Idera, Inc.

Ranorex provides powerful tools for testers to improve the quality of software applications with test automation software for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Ranorex will become part of the Test Management Tools business that also includes TestRail by Gurock, effectively doubling the size of its Test Management Tools portfolio.

To say we’re excited would be something of an understatement…!

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3 Ways to Plan Testing

3 Ways to Plan Testing | Software testing strategies | Collaboration, coding and test automation | TestRail Software Testing Tips and Advice

Test planning is an important skill for testers who wish to communicate the purpose and value of their testing in meaningful ways. When choosing a test planning strategy, it is important to consider the strengths that a strategy offers before implementation. Risk, Session, and Heuristic Based strategies can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to create targeted, effective testing on any product.

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What to do When Testing gets Boring

What to do When Software Testing gets Boring | Software testing strategies | Collaboration, coding and test automation | TestRail Software Testing Tips and Advice

I have heard more than one person say that if testing isn’t interesting and fun, then you aren’t doing it right. Those people probably haven’t spent time working on a sprint cycle, taking new features and delivering new software every week or two. Testing is a wonderful and interesting craft, but repetition can make me forget that. Some features are interesting and some are not. Some testing projects are fun and exciting, and others are routine.

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Testers Diary – Changing Locations and Strategies

Sory of a Software Tester Changing Locations and Strategies within a organisation. Software testers collaborating with software testers. Changing Software Testing Styles. Testrail.

It can be really hard to avoid testing deeply when that’s all you’ve ever done, even when you know it’s not valuable in the moment. Not writing a defect when something seemed wrong felt almost sacrilegious. But in the end, because of the testing we’ve built into development process, I know that we’re still producing a high quality product, just in a different way.

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Winning at Strategic Automation with the CRAWL Mnemonic

Strategic Software Testing Automation | Balancing Short Term and Long Term Software Testing Goals | Selecting the Best Software Testing Strategies with the CRAWL Mnemonic | TestRail

One of the biggest challenges facing any organization is the balancing act between short and long-term goals. Every facet of our lives tends to be a juggling act between these two competing forces. Whether in QA, or just business in general, as humans, we all want things right-now and struggle to balance the demands of the present with our long-term goals and objectives.

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