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Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communications in Agile Teams

TestRail, Agile Teams, Communications

Communication is the foundation of success for an agile team. However, there are often several challenges that act as barriers to productive communication and may lead to people problems as well as delayed or failed projects. Here are some of the most common barriers to effective communication for agile teams, as well as how you can overcome them.

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Developing Influence in Test

TestRail, Mobile Testing, Responsive Testing, QA

Testers destroy things. We tear things apart. By getting the deliverable to wait a day or a week, we spoil one person’s annual review and another’s bonus. Unless we are really careful, that won’t develop influence, it will destroy it. Here’s how to do better.

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Testing Predictive Analytics Models

TestRail, Software Testing, Predictive Analysis Models

Testing data analytics models is different from testing most other types of software. While you are testing the model’s performance, you’re also testing how well it performs on data. Any model’s accuracy depends on the model itself and the data that feeds it. Insufficient testing can leave unresolved bias and variance in a model that reduces its overall value.

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Three Ways Agile Testers Can Use Walkthroughs

TestRail, Agile, Software Testing

A walkthrough is a great review technique for knowledge sharing, gathering feedback and building consensus. Let’s discuss ways agile testers use this type of review to get the entire team involved in the quest for quality.

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When Testers Become Crisis Management

TestRail, Software Testing, Crisis Management

Testers usually get to stay behind the scenes. But when testing affects business processes or customers, there may suddenly be a crisis to manage. Read how one tester determined what went wrong – and made it right.

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The Agile Mindset: Cultural Changes for Successful Transformation


Agile transformations can be a challenging undertaking. It is imperative that teams embrace an agile mindset and culture before they can fully embrace agile techniques.

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On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices in TestRail User Administration

TestRail, Webinar, Test Management, Best Practices

Watch this webinar to explore the user administration features of TestRail, including how to manage groups, roles, and permissions; perform session management, and optimize your available seats with a last login report. You’ll also get an introduction to two Enterprise features: SAML 2.0 SSO and audit logging.

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For Good Data Management, You Need a Well-Defined SLA

TestRail, data management, sla

When it comes to data management in a distributed system, you have a choice of good (consistent), fast (available) or distributed (partitioned) — pick two. A well-defined service-level agreement (SLA) helps you match the required state of data to the situation at hand.

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Did You Really Mean …?


Especially in distributed agile teams, we might jump to conclusions about what someone says. If we assume good intention, we might be able to find our way back to a reasonable conversation and solve the problem.

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Tester’s Diary: Mapping Out Testing on a Journey to DevOps

TestRail, Software Testing, DevOps,, Agile

In an earlier post, I talked about some of the challenges we had as we planned our move toward a DevOps development style. Here, I’ll talk about our first attempt at defining how testing will be carried out on a DevOps team.

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