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Tester’s Diary: Learning from Developers

learning from developers

Building relationships takes time and dedication. I take time to get to know my developers, their style of work, and their attitude toward life. Once that trust is built up, great things happen.

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Testing Strategies for Enterprise Blockchain Apps

Testing Big Data Applications

Interest in blockchain has grown in the last few years across organizations of all types, driven by the technology’s resilient and trusted ability to share information among business partners.

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TestRail Live Webinars for January 2020

TestRail, January, webinar

It’s a new year, and the TestRail team is rolling out an enhanced series of monthly live webinars. In January, we’re offering two webinars: “Meet TestRail” on January 14, and “Starting to Test with TestRail” on January 16. Register today!

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Do Testers Need to Be Technical?

hoarding content, agile

Throughout the existence of the software testing profession, one heavily debated topic has been whether testers need to be more technical. The answer to this is highly subjective, but no matter how you feel, there are some factors to consider before focusing your efforts on becoming more technical or hiring more technical testers.

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TestRail Tops the G2 Test Management Rankings for Winter 2020

TestRail G2 Grid

TestRail has maintained its position as the #1 test management software, according to the Winter 2020 G2 Grid for Test Management! TestRail has been recognized as a “Momentum Leader” and as the “Most Implementable” tool in this category.

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Hoarding Content: How Long to Keep Ideas in Any Form Around

hoarding content, agile

It’s common for teams to have large lists of bugs, large backlogs, and large lists of various things to do. Does it make sense to do so? Here are some guidelines for how much to keep around and how you might organize the work.

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Three New Year’s Resolutions Every Tester Should Make

Testing 2020 resolutions

Here are three goals testers should have for the coming year. Make it your New Year’s resolution to achieve them, and go for it with an action plan in hand!

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Why Do We Test? What Do Testers Really Do?

what do testers really do  

I’ve asked the question “Why do we test?” many times of testers, developers and managers. The common, almost automatic answers include “find bugs” or “improve quality.” These seem reasonable at first, but let’s take a deeper look.

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Is Software Reliability Engineering the New Testing?

reliability engineering new testing  

Both SRE and testing are looking at risks. Both are looking at areas of vulnerability and how we might model these to make them better understood so we can, in turn, mitigate them. Both have questions we need to consider, first and foremost being, “What happens if…?”

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Testing Event-Driven Application Architectures: An Asynchronous Approach

asychronous interactions, TestRail

Event-driven application architectures make it so that various components in a very large distributed system can communicate and interoperate asynchronously. Event-driven architectures are the glue that binds the various services and components that make up the system together.

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