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Striking a Balance of ‘Just Enough’ Documentation in an Agile Project

Documentation in an Agile Project, Just Enough Documentation, Agile Testing, Agile Requirements, Value, Communication, Sufficiency. TestRail

Agile poses many challenges to the development team, most of them pertaining to time. Teams are perpetually under pressure to deliver working software at a fast pace, leaving minimum time for anything else. When testing on an agile project, learning how to write lean documentation can save precious time. Furthermore writing lean documentation can help rework efforts by focusing only on what’s really necessary.

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6 Ways to Add Value as a Test Specialist in XP

Add Value as a Test Specialist, Testing in Extreme Programming, Extreme Programming, Monitor Coverage in XP, Debrief in XP, Test Specialist, Contribute to Development Process, Tester with Developer Pair, Software Testing Strategies. TestRail.

Being a test specialist in XP, or Extreme Programming, can be awkward, especially when working as the tester for a developer pair. I have heard some people describe this as being the third person in a handshake. Here is a list of specific things testers can do to make themselves valuable when working as part of a developer pair.

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Live Webinar Dec. 17: Mastering TestRail Integration with Ranorex

Mastering TestRail Integration with Ranorex Studio, Live Ranorex Studio Mastery Webinar. TestRail.

Want to boost your team’s productivity? Join our live webinar on December 17 to learn how to integrate Ranorex Studio test automation with TestRail test case management.

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Agile Tester as Servant Leader

Agile testers, Servant leaders, Coaching, Helping others succeed, Characteristics of servant leaders, Testers as leaders, Agile community. TestRail.

Servant leaders help the entire team succeed regardless of the leader’s position. I like to think of servant leaders as optimizing for the entire team, not one person. Agile testers are uniquely positioned to be servant leaders, by coaching and helping others succeed. Learn the characteristics of servant leaders and how testers can serve their teams as leaders.

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Continuous Testing Webinar – Part 2

Continuous Testing Skills. Webinar. TestRail

Here’s the video from yesterday’s Continuous Testing part 2 webinar, with special guest Paul Gerrard.

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Secure Software Development in an Agile Environment

Secure Software Development, Agile Security, Agile Software Development, Developing Secure Applications with Agile, Secure Applications, Developing Secure Application Software. TestRail.

Many software developers view security as a non-functional requirement. The perception is that adding security features slows things down. As organizations move to agile software development, security too often gets left behind. However, it is possible to incorporate security into an agile software development environment. In this article we’ll explore some basic strategies that will result in more secure applications from the very beginning.

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Tester’s Diary: Designing Effective UX Testing

Designing UX Testing, Effective UX Testing, UX Testing Strategies, Customer User Seminar, User Experience Testing, Usability Testing, Usability Testing Pathway. TestRail.

Just ahead of this year’s customer user seminar seminar, I got some exciting news from our development team. They planned to perform some user experience testing at the conference! I asked if I could join the planning discussion as they decided what our testing would look like. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from these sessions, but I knew we would learn a lot.

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4 Properties of Highly Testable Code

Highly Testable Code, Testable Code Base, Making Code Base Highly Testable, Low Coupling, Writing Maintainable Code, Separation Between Pure and Impure Code, Logic and Presentation, Code Simplicity, Improving the Testability of Code, Code Testability, Making Code More Testable. TestRail.

Not all code is created equal. If you want to test code, then it should be testable. How do you recognize a highly testable code base? Or even better, how do you turn your code base into a highly testable state if it’s currently not? To answer these questions, let’s look at four characteristics to strive for when coding.

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Announcing TestRail 5.6 Release with Bulk User Edit and PHP 7.2 Support

TestRail | 5.6 | Platform Release with Bulk User Edit and PHP 7.2 Support

We’re pleased to announce that TestRail 5.6 has been released and is available in our hosted (cloud) environment and for download by server installation customers.

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What It Means to Be a Test Lead

Test lead role, Developing Leadership Skill, Lead Testing Role, Leadership, Leading Software Testing, Software Testing Career, Testing Career, Tester Skill Development, Software Testing Facilitation, Skilled Leadership, Software Development. TestRail.

I frequently see people thrust into a test lead role that haven’t had anytime to develop leadership skill and aren’t sure what their lead role even means. Leadership requires no title. The minute someone comes to you for help, you are a leader. Having a model of what you think a leader can do will make you more effective at helping those people. If you are new to the test lead role, here is some guidance about what that means.

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