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Announcing TestRail 5.7 with Enterprise Features, new API Endpoints and Edit Result Permissions

TestRail | 5.7 |

TestRail 5.7 is now available and has been released to all users of our cloud infrastructure. With this release, we’re also proud to present our new TestRail Enterprise product tier, with premium support, a faster API, and features geared towards enterprise teams: SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On support, TestRail Auditing capabilities, Configurable Backups and On-Demand Restorations (for cloud users). Long time users of TestRail will be especially pleased to learn that this release contains many long-requested features including Reporting and Attachment API endpoints, and some tweaks to how editing test results works along with an additional Modify permission in the user roles area.

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QA for Voice Applications with TestRail and Bespoken

TestRail, Bespoken, Voice App
TestRail, a leader in the test case management field, joins Bespoken to bring together the best in testing and automation for voice applications.

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Surviving as a Tester in DevOps

DevOps, Tester, Collaboration, TestRail.
DevOps brings changes that can make it tricky to see how testers fit into the new norm. Testing skills will still be valuable and necessary, but it’s a good idea for testers to develop the skills needed to thrive in a DevOps environment.

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Tester’s Diary: Working on Individual Performance as a Team

Individual goals, Developing goals and ideas, Individual and team goals, Increase individual work skills, TestRail.

Like most employees in a corporate environment, each year I’m asked to identify some individual goals. At their best, our individual goals do two things: help the business unit meet its business needs, and help the individual increase their work skills. As an employee, I’ve seen both successful implementations and some failures. As I begin to step into a leadership role, this year I wanted to help my team find a method that would work for us. So I did what any good leader would do: I scheduled a meeting.

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Containers and Testing: Friends or Foes?

Virtualized container use, Containers in software application development, Using containers to test your software, How containers work, Testing with containers, Container-based testing, Obstacle to universal container-based testing. TestRail.

Virtualized container use in software application development and deployment is increasing across nearly all industry verticals. Containers provide advantages of virtualization without draining computing resources. When used in the testing process, containers can be helpful — or they can be a breeding ground for obstacles. Let’s learn about the advantages and some of the pitfalls of using containers to test your software and computing components.

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Tester’s Diary: Training Up and Reinforcing Practices

Adding a new team member, Software testing internship, Tester intern, Training new tester, Training testing intern, Changing team dynamics, Boosting test team productivity. TestRail.

Does adding a new team member speed things up or slow things down? I think most people recognize that it does both. Initially, it slows things down: taking the time of whoever is responsible for the training. But as time goes on and the new team member becomes independent, their contributions help the team become more productive. At least, that’s what I expected to happen when we added an intern to our team. Instead, I learned that you can start seeing benefits right away.

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What Testers Should Be Automating

Test Automation, Software Testing Skills, Automating Software Tests, Automation Data Creation, Automation Continuous Integration, Pairing With Developers. TestRail.

When someone asks what testers should be automating, my general answer is “Very little.” Expecting someone who is not a programmer to take on a new software development project is foolish. However, wanting to augment your career with a new skill set is a good thing, and I’d never want to stifle that. Exploring automation is valuable, so long as you do it right. Here are a few things, in my experience, that are useful to have testers work on in regard to automation.

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Fix Bugs: Don’t File Bug Reports

Fix bugs, Software in production, Collaborative team, Bug Reports, Automated testing, Developer and tester collaborate, value delivery. TestRail.

Bug reports and the triage process are waste. In every sense, but especially the Lean sense. What’s more valuable to your users and customers? High-quality software being used in production, or a bug database that’s filled with hundreds or thousands of bugs dating back a decade or more? Yes, this is a provocative opening. Intentionally so! But tamp down your righteous outrage, bear with me for a moment, and let me see if I can lay out a reasonable case for you to consider.

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Testing Is Not a Shared Service: How Testers Can Help Product Development

Testing as a service, Sharing testers, Agile software development, Team learning together, How testing helps product development. TestRail.

When managers believe testing is a service- or worse, a shared service- the product suffers. That’s because software development, especially agile software development, is about how the team learns as a team. Instead of thinking of testers as providing a service, learn how the testers can help managers think about product development instead of a project.

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Using TestRail for Your Regression Testing

Regression Testing, Agile Teams, Planning for Regression, Performing Regression Using TestRail, Performing Regression, Regression Test, Regression Strategies. TestRail.

Agile teams constantly face an overload of regression testing. As sprints progress and new features get built into the software, agile testers are faced with the challenge of testing all these new features while ensuring nothing from the previous sprints breaks as a result of the code changes and defect fixes. This piling regression can easily become a nightmare if not planned for properly in the beginning.

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