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How Much Testing is Enough for Quality Assurance?

How Much Testing is Enough for Quality Assurance? What

What does enough mean in terms of quality assurance? How much is enough, in terms of money, people, time, and effort? Is there a magic figure?  You could put your organization squarely in the red and even still have no guarantees of an issue-free release.  And worse, you may find your timeline truncated by delays in the software production.  All of this uncertainty makes the issue of enough incredibly nebulous.

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Leading Your Agile Team Regardless of Your Role

agile project management, agile leadership, leading an agile team, leadership, agile, creating experiments in software testing, software testing, agile testing strategies, TestRail.

Agile teams need project management and project leaders. However, they don’t need title-based management or leadership. Instead, agile teams need everyone to be a leader. Learn what agile leaders do so you can practice your agile leadership.

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4 Outside-in Signs That You Don’t Have Sufficient Unit Testing

4 Outside-in Signs That You Don't Have Sufficient Unit Testing . Knowing when you have enough testing. Test Coverage. Unit Testing. TestRail.

Starting unit testing can be tough. Many questions, misconceptions, and points of confusion torment the beginner. One of the most common of such doubts revolves around amount. How much is enough? Should I aim for 100% coverage? In today’s post, we’ll help you answer these questions, but not by telling you how much is enough. Instead, we’re sort of doing the opposite. We’ll give you tools to identify how few tests is too few.

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Testing Blockchain Apps: This Isn’t Your Father’s Unit Test

Blockchain technology, testing blockchain, blockchain, disrupting industries, new technology, blockchain applications, distributed applications, code live with data, smart contracts, testing applications differently, blockchain applications differ from traditional applications, best practices for testing blockchain. TestRail.

Blockchain technology is one of the most discussed topics in technical domains today. Many say that blockchain will disrupt a growing number of industries, and we’re already seeing more and more industries adopt this new technology. By definition, blockchain applications are distributed applications, where part of the code live with the data as smart contracts. That means developers need to test these applications differently. In this article we’ll examine how blockchain applications differ from traditional applications and some best practices for testing them.

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4 Ways to Stay Relevant in Testing

Test design, test implementation in BDD, learn new skills, new test techniques, testing and technology, approaching testing work, software testing practice, testing experimentation, better software testing, software testing strategies. TestRail.

Technology moves fast, and it is easy to get change fatigue. You can become an expert in your domain just by sticking around for awhile, but what about the world of technology outside your company? What if you eventually want to work somewhere else that does things completely differently? Here are four ways to not only keep up with what is happening in the rest of the world, but to stay relevant in the testing domain.

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Kiuwan Joins our Testing Tools Family


Idera, Inc. Acquires Kiuwan and Bolsters Testing Tools Business with Application Security and Code Testing Capabilities

Adding security to DevOps processes will empower developers with state-of-the-art insights and analysis

HOUSTON – Oct. 5, 2018 – Idera, Inc., parent company of global B2B software productivity brands, today announced the acquisition of Kiuwan, a SaaS solution for measuring and analyzing risk and security in the software development lifecycle. Kiuwan will join Idera, Inc.’s Testing Tools Business, which also includes TestRail and Ranorex Studio.

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Optimize Your Hardening Sprint for a Quality Advantage

Using Hardening Sprints, Sprints in Scrum, Scrum, Release, Product Owner, Avoiding Technical Debt, Optimize Hardening Sprint, Maximum quality before release, QA. TestRail.

Teams vary in their opinion on using hardening sprints in scrum. If your team does agree on having one before your release, there may be too much to be done and varied expectations by product owner, testers and developers from it. It may also lead to slacked off work being pushed leading to accumulation of technical debt. Here are some tips on how to optimize the hardening sprint and achieve the maximum quality before release.

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7 Holes You Might Have in Your Testing Strategy

Improving testing strategy, Software testing strategy, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Quality Assurance, TestRail.

How do you feel about your software testing strategy? Is it bulletproof? If you’re anything like the majority of organizations out there, I’m betting that the answer is somewhere between “no” and a cynical, barked laugh. Even if you had the most sophisticated testing practice in the world, you’d probably not feel entirely comfortable. By combining test preparation and your testing strategy, a strategic approach can leave you much better situated. Let’s examine the holes you might have in your current testing strategy, so that you can improve your preparation.

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5 Ways Testers Contribute to Software Development

Software Testing, Software Development, Discovering Scope, Testing Perspectives, Inattentional Blindness, Setting up Environments, Software Testing Skills, Grow Testing Skills, TestRail

I work as a software tester full time, however not all of my time is spent testing. I split my time among many activities, including meetings, answering emails, sprint reviews and retrospectives, backlog grooming, feature reviews and so on. Several activities other than testing are built into the testing role, and these activities contribute to software development in very important ways. Here are five ways skilled software testers contribute to software development outside of testing.

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Performance Testing: Adding the Service Registry and Service Mesh into the Mix

Performance Testing, Microservices, Microservice Behavior, Service Mesh, Service Registry, Ephemeral Architectures. TestRail.

Service Mesh technologies such as Istio, LinkedD and Conduit are becoming common on the microservice landscape. A Service Mesh is a layer of architecture in the cloud native environment that handles communication between microservices. Working in the cloud has become more prevalent in the world of performance testing, so too will working with service discovery technologies such as the service registry and the service mesh.

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