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How to Get the Benefits of Dev-Tester Pairing

TestRail, agile, collaboration

Cross-discipline pair programming can bring tremendous benefits to your team. Learn how to get started in this article by Jim Holmes.

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Understand Your Geographically Distributed Agile Team

TestRail, agile, collaboration

We tend to lump all kinds of distributed and dispersed teams together. But they are different and their differences imply different benefits and problems between teams. Learn the difference between satellite, cluster, and nebula teams, and how to facilitate collaboration in each.

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On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices in TestRail User Administration

TestRail, Webinar, Test Management, Best Practices

Join this webinar to explore the user administration features of TestRail, including how to manage groups, roles, and permissions; perform session management, and optimize your available seats with a last login report. You’ll also get an introduction to two Enterprise features: SAML 2.0 SSO and audit logging.

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Four Questions to Ask When Planning Test Automation

Test Automation, Automation Adoption, TestRail

Teams struggle in getting the most out of their test automation due to many hurdles along the way. Good planning can act as a solid foundation for your test automation project. To ensure you are following the right path, consider these four questions.

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What Metrics Should You Be Using?

QA Metrics, QA Management, Agile, TestRail

Nearly all the testers I know react negatively to metrics programs. They argue that measurements are rarely measuring the things we think they are, people can change their behavior to drive the metrics in a direction management wants to see, and it can be easy to get the wrong idea about what is happening when reading a number with no supporting story. And yet, development leadership still has a very reasonable need to understand what is happening on a project at a high level. Here are two metrics that are useful for both management and testers.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Adopting a New Tool

Tool adoption, Testing, Continuous Improvement, TestRail

Introducing a new tool to an already-working environment is tricky and requires some special considerations. Learn the five common mistakes teams make when adopting a new tool.

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Pursuing the Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Secure Wallet, TestRail

Although you can test blockchain apps using non-live blockchains, eventually you have to assess how your app runs in a live environment. That means you have to use it, and pay for it, using real cryptocurrency. The security of your cryptoassets, even when testing on a live blockchain, depends on the security of your wallet. Let’s compare different wallet options and learn how to choose the best one for your cryptoassets.

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Is Your Testing Visible?

Teamwork, Software Testing, Agile Methodologies, TestRail

On most teams, the testers are present, working hard, and care about their work. The problem is that their work is completely hidden. No one can see it, and because of that, no one understands it or how it might be improved. So, how can you make your testing work visible to your team?

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Performance Testing a GraphQL API

GraphQL, API testing, Performance testing, TestRail

Initially developed for the Facebook News Feed, today GraphQL is powering APIs from companies such as Atlassian, Credit Karma, GitHub, Intuit, KLM, Pinterest, Shopify, The New York Times, WordPress and Yelp. While it is a transformational technology, it requires a new understanding of API design as well as careful preparation for performance testing.

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Five Learning Resources

Continuous Improvement, Self-Improvement, Software Testing, TestRail

All too often we lose sight of how important it is to make improvement and learning a priority. Life is hard and busy, but there are a wealth of tools, tricks, and resources to help you learn. Sometimes they’re even fun!

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