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3 Big Questions to Ask About Your Specifications

TestRail, guy with a laptop

Besides the ‘functional’ aspects of software, what “non-functional” things need to be tested? Based on the number of times I have encountered this question, this is something that seems hard for many people. Maybe the issue is in the very concept of “functional” testing.

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Announcing TestRail 6.6 with Enhanced Administration

TestRail Release Accouncement

🎃 It’s no trick: we’ve got a treat in store for you! TestRail 6.6 is on its way with improved TestRail administration and new features for both TestRail Professional and TestRail Enterprise customers. TestRail 6.6 is scheduled for limited release in mid-October, with general availability at the end of October.

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7 Types of Testing Beyond What Customers See

testers helping programmers

Testers must ensure that the functionality customers see is correct. However, too many organizations — and at least a few testers — still believe that’s all they can do, and they miss many other opportunities to contribute to software quality.

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Tester’s Diary: Getting Out of a Testing Rut

TestRail, two software testers sitting on a diary

I found myself in a rut with my testing. More bugs were ending up in production, and I was losing confidence in my abilities. Getting out of that rut was difficult, but all of sudden, I was doing the best testing of my life.

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5 Steps to Successful Testing in DevOps

TestRail, Two software testers standing with tools in hand

If you move to DevOps, testing requires a lot more communication and collaboration. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the right track.

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Building Meaningful Regression Test Collections

TestRail, girl with boxes

How do you figure out what should be included in a regression test or a collection of regression tests? The simple answer is, “Not everything.”

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TestRail Leads in the Fall 2020 G2 Grid Report

TestRail Fall 2020 G2 Grid

TestRail has maintained its position as the #1 test management software, according to the Fall 2020 G2 Grid for Test Management! TestRail has been recognized for delivering the “Best Results” and as the “Most Implementable” tool in this category.

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TestRail Tips & Tricks Webinar Highlights

TestRail Tips and Tricks Webinar Recap

Recently, TestRail engineer Jacob Scott shared his favorite TestRail Tips & Tricks. In this article, we’ll summarize some of the highlights from this webinar.

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Four Ways to Keep Testing Skills Sharp During the Pandemic

TestRail,self taught software tester

The global pandemic has many of us wondering about our job situation. If you are not enjoying working where you are right now, you might be thinking about a move soon enough. But how do you get ready for it and prepare a skill set that is industry ready? Here are some tips to upskill yourself as a tester now or anytime in the future.

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Testing Different Kinds of Correctness

testers helping programmers

Software testing theory recognizes different kinds of tests: unit, integration, load, and so on. Tests outside software, but about software, also are important. Here are a few of these other tests that you need to know, and how they’re performed.

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