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I’m not sure what kind of regulations the different countries around the world have regarding accounting and invoices, but at least here in Germany we have quite strict rules on what information have to be included in an invoice (especially if they contain VAT statements). I noticed that many companies generate/send very amateurish looking and almost useless invoices. Many invoices lack basic information like invoice date, invoice number or recipient.

I’m really wondering what’s so hard in generating complete invoices. Please add at least the following information to an invoice, especially if you accept international customers:

  • Vendor name and complete address
  • Recipient name and complete address
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Ordered products / services and their price(s)
  • Total price

Companies invest so much time and money in getting their website, product design, letterhead and business cards right, but many absolutely ignore things like invoices. Such documents should use the corporate design and branding just like all other items that are visible to the customer. No, a simple Excel file with some numbers is not enough.

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