Porting SmartInspect to Tiburon

If you are into Delphi, you have probably already seen all the blog postings about Tiburon (the next Delphi version) from the CodeGear Embarcadero staff on DelphiFeeds.com. Besides working on SmartInspect 3.0 (more about this in a few days), we have also worked on porting SmartInspect to Tiburon in the recent weeks.

As you might already know, SmartInspect already fully supports Unicode and porting SmartInspect to Tiburon was quite easy and took only a few days of work overall. The SmartInspect Delphi library is now using UnicodeString as the main string type instead of WideString. Porting the library to UnicodeString had a positive impact on the performance of our logging library as the new UnicodeString is reference counted (and WideString is not). The performance gain is about 10-15%, but we do not have final numbers yet.

We are happy to see that Delphi will finally be 100% Unicodified soon, too, as this makes it really easy to build applications for an international audience. We fully expect to be releasing support for Tiburon and UnicodeString with SmartInspect just a few days after the new Delphi version goes gold.