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Today we started to prepare the release of the upcoming SmartInspect 1.1 version. We originally intended to release it a week earlier, but due to two annoying showstoppers and an illness of Dennis (just a heavy cold, nothing dramatic), we were forced to delay it.

Since the beginning of the development of the 1.1 version, we’ve maintained a changelog which contains all the bug fixes, tweaks and new features we added since the initial 1.0 release. A lot of work has been put into this release and I’m really glad that we wrote such a changelog. I think if we needed to write it today, we would be lucky to remember even 5 points :-).

With the aid of our changelog we are preparing announcements, a press release and a What’s New page for our website. Besides informing our existing customers about the new version, we plan to distribute the press release via PRWeb and to publish the announcements on appropriate community sites and newsgroups like we did last time.

The press release is mainly for getting links. We don’t expect it to generate much traffic or attention but hey, links are just fine. Things are different when it comes to community announcements. Their main purpose is to drive traffic to our site. Since we publish these announcements on relevant sites and newsgroups only, the traffic is usually of good quality. It’s nearly as good as getting traffic via reviews or recommendations.

There’s more to do, like uploading the new version to download sites like or Tucows, but that’s just a minor task of the entire process. The big part is preparing the writings and submitting them. Before closing, a few questions to you readers: What do you do when preparing a new release of your software? Which points are the most important? I’d love to read your opinions!

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