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Announcing TestRail 6.0 with UI Enhancements and Docker Support

TestRail, Release 6.0, Test Case Management

In TestRail 6.0, we’re very excited to present brand new Modern and Dark Mode user interface themes, as well as support for Docker containerized on-premise installations.

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Live Webinar May 22: What’s New in TestRail 5.7

TestRail, Enterprise, Release 5.7

Join TestRail product manager Simon Knight for an in-depth look at the enhancements in TestRail 5.7, including new API endpoints for reporting and attachments, and the ability to modify test results according to permissions. This webinar will also discuss the features available in the new TestRail Enterprise product tier.

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Action Required for Jira Cloud Integration Plug-In Update

Jira Cloud Plug-In, TestRail.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Atlassian has announced an end to cookie-based authentication and basic authentication with passwords for Jira Cloud. Action is required by April 29 if you are using Jira Cloud: You must change the existing password-based Jira integration authentication to the new API token-based authentication by April 29. After this date, password-based authentication may no longer work. Support for token-based authentication is included in the 5.7 version of TestRail.

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Announcing TestRail 5.7 with Enterprise Features, new API Endpoints and Edit Result Permissions

TestRail | 5.7 |

TestRail 5.7 is now available and has been released to all users of our cloud infrastructure. With this release, we’re also proud to present our new TestRail Enterprise product tier, with premium support, a faster API, and features geared towards enterprise teams: SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On support, TestRail Auditing capabilities, Configurable Backups and On-Demand Restorations (for cloud users). Long time users of TestRail will be especially pleased to learn that this release contains many long-requested features including Reporting and Attachment API endpoints, and some tweaks to how editing test results works along with an additional Modify permission in the user roles area.

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Announcing TestRail 5.6 Release with Bulk User Edit and PHP 7.2 Support

TestRail | 5.6 | Platform Release with Bulk User Edit and PHP 7.2 Support

We’re pleased to announce that TestRail 5.6 has been released and is available in our hosted (cloud) environment and for download by server installation customers.

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Announcing TestRail 5.5 Release with Ranorex Integration, GDPR, Admin, UI and Performance Enhancements

TestRail | 5.5 | Platform Release with Improved security, performance, administration and Ranorex Integration

We’re very pleased and excited to announce that TestRail 5.5 is now available and will be coming to a cloud instance near you very shortly if it hasn’t already done so! For this dot release we’ve continued our theme of making improvements to the administration area of TestRail, in particular so that large teams can benefit from easier user administration and increased security. While we were doing that, we made a few additional UI enhancements and some quite major scalability changes in the TestRail database which will vastly improve performance for teams with large numbers of test cases and test runs.

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Announcing TestRail 5.4.1 Platform Release with Improved User Admin Features and Fixes

TestRail | 5.4.1 | Platform Release with Improved User Admin Features and Fixes

We’ve had a number of requests from our customers for improvements to the way in which users are administrated. In the past, it’s been difficult for administrators of large installations to manage all of their users and groups. So, we decided to make it easier for them with a few changes to the UI on the Users & Roles tab in the Administration area.

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Announcing TestRail 5.4 Platform Release with PHP 7.0 Support, Windows and SQL Server Updates

Making sure that our test management tool TestRail works great in all environments and that TestRail can easily be installed and maintained has a high priority for us. So today we are happy to announce the availability of TestRail 5.4, a new platform release that introduces full support for PHP 7.0, Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016 and other enhancements as well as bug fixes.

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Announcing TestRail 5.3 – Agile Test Management, Resource Planning & Project Favorites


We are constantly working on new versions and improvements for TestRail, our modern test management tool, and we are happy to announce the release of TestRail 5.3 today! The new version adds many new agile test management features, better resource planning, improved forecasts and project favorites. Especially if you are managing larger and more complex projects with many releases, testing sprints and iterations, the new version’s unique features will make it much easier for your team to track and organize your testing and make sure that everyone is focused on the most important release.

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Announcing TestRail 5.2 – New Unique Screenshot, Case Template and Exploratory Testing Support


We are constantly working on new features for our modern test management tool and today we are happy to introduce another big productivity update with TestRail 5.2. The new version adds many new features to help teams work faster and more efficiently. As part of the new release, TestRail adds full attachment and screenshot drag & drop support for test cases and test results. We’ve also added direct copy & paste of images for select browsers, making TestRail the first web-based test management tool to support pasting screenshots from your clipboard. Another big update of TestRail 5.2 is the introduction of test case templates with exploratory testing support and much more.

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