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Four Ways to Keep Testing Skills Sharp During the Pandemic

TestRail,self taught software tester

The global pandemic has many of us wondering about our job situation. If you are not enjoying working where you are right now, you might be thinking about a move soon enough. But how do you get ready for it and prepare a skill set that is industry ready? Here are some tips to upskill yourself as a tester now or anytime in the future.

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Defining Your Definition of Done

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As you and your agile team race against time, you all have your eye on your individual goals. The success of the team and the release depends on everyone getting their part done in time. But how do you define ‘being done?’

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How to Stay Engaged with Your Team While Working from Home

TestRail,two workers at computers

Many software teams are working remotely because of COVID19. You may have gotten comfortable and set a routine for yourself in this work-from-home setup. But are you engaging enough with your colleagues?

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Four Tips to Write Better Bug Reports

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How you report the bugs you find plays a key role in their fate: being understood, resolved, deferred, or rejected. It is imperative for every tester to communicate the defect well. Here are some tips to help you write better bug reports

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Four Exit Criteria to Determine When User Stories Are Done-Done

exit criteria

Having predetermined exit criteria helps you be able to make the decision that a feature is truly ready to ship. Here is a list of exit criteria you must add to your user story to make it easy to bring conformity and quality to all your features.

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Raise Your Exploratory Testing Game

exploratory testing tips

Exploration is an integral part of testing. Exploring the application is a great strategy for learning about how it works, finding new information and flows, and discovering some unique bugs too! 

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How to Prepare for a Sprint Planning Meeting

software testing

Working on a Scrum team? Do these five simple things before an upcoming sprint planning meeting to help ensure that your next sprint is successful.

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Fighting Defect Clusters in Software Testing

defect clusters

Defects tend to cluster in some areas of the software under test. It may happen due to higher complexity, algorithms, or a higher number of integrations in a few constrained segments of the software.

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Are You a Good Agile Leader?

agile leaders

Agile leaders are supposed to get the maximum amount of quality work done with minimum control of the situation. The team constantly needs support and guidance while remaining independent and self-motivated.

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Working from Home? Five Tips to Keep Your Sanity and Productivity Intact

software testing at home

As teams and companies across the globe are following social distancing recommendations, many workers are wading into unchartered territory. How are you supposed to maintain any kind of workflow when your surroundings (and mental state) are different from what you’re used to?

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