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Three Metrics Your Agile Team Should Stop Using

TestRail, Agile, Metrics

Metrics are supposed to help and support an agile team by providing useful information about the health and progress of their project. But not all metrics are always beneficial. Going overboard with them can sometimes cause more harm than good.

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Three Uncommon Metrics Your Agile Team Should Be Tracking

TestRail, Agile, Exit Criteria

There are a few common metrics we use in agile teams: sprint burndown charts, release burnup charts, team velocity. They’re common because they communicate practical information, but they’re not the only metrics we can employ. Here are three metrics you can easily create that will be very useful for your agile team.

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Defining Exit Criteria for All Stages of Your Agile Project

TestRail, Agile, Exit Criteria

For an agile project, having clear and concise exit criteria makes it easier to understand the scope and avoid going overboard while keeping a tab on your quality. Let’s look at some ways to structure your exit criteria at the sprint, user story, and task levels in an agile project.

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Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communications in Agile Teams

TestRail, Agile Teams, Communications

Communication is the foundation of success for an agile team. However, there are often several challenges that act as barriers to productive communication and may lead to people problems as well as delayed or failed projects. Here are some of the most common barriers to effective communication for agile teams, as well as how you can overcome them.

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Three Ways Agile Testers Can Use Walkthroughs

TestRail, Agile, Software Testing

A walkthrough is a great review technique for knowledge sharing, gathering feedback and building consensus. Let’s discuss ways agile testers use this type of review to get the entire team involved in the quest for quality.

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The Agile Mindset: Cultural Changes for Successful Transformation


Agile transformations can be a challenging undertaking. It is imperative that teams embrace an agile mindset and culture before they can fully embrace agile techniques.

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Three Things to Learn from the Bugs You Found

TestRail, QA Testing, Software Testing, Continuous Improvement

The bugs we find during testing can tell us a lot about the application, the state of its quality and its release-readiness. Bugs can also provide insights into our development processes and practices — and lapses therein.

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Scrum, Kanban, and ScrumBan: What’s the Difference?

TestRail, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Examples

Agile provides flexibility in processes. Scrum and Kanban make use of the basic agile principles in their own way to empower effective delivery cycles. ScrumBan is a new term coined for a hybrid principle that employs both Scrum and Kanban principles. Let’s explore the difference between the three methodologies.

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Four Ways Task Boards Help an Agile Team


A task board is a physical or virtual chart containing all current team tasks at hand and their progress over time. For an agile team, all sprint tasks can be represented on the task board, and their flow over various stages can be tracked in the daily standup meeting. Task boards are a great way to visually represent pieces of work and their status.

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Co-opetition Among Agile Teammates

TestRail, Agile, teamwork

The transition from individual responsibility to collective ownership is often the hardest part of the cultural shift that teams face when adopting agile. Let’s look at ways to encourage healthy competition, more cooperation, and a sense of community among agile teammates.

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