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Deliberate Practice in Software Testing Webinar Video

Getting Started with Deliberate Practice in Software Testing. Webinar. TestRail

Here’s the webinar video for everyone who couldn’t make or simply wants to re-watch it.

During the webinar, we discussed the various ways in which you can think about, get started with and get feedback on your deliberate software testing practices. See the links in the article for resources you will likely find useful on your journey towards being a better software tester:

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Skills for Agile Testers Webinar

The Skills for Agile Testers on a Modern Software Engineering Team. TestRail. Software Testing Advice.

The TestRail team was proud to go live with our first webinar yesterday – “Skills for Agile Testers in a Modern Software Engineering Team.”, with special guest Jess Ingrassellino. Jess has been a long time contributor to the TestRail blog so we were both super proud AND thrilled to have her speak about ways in which testers can exercise daily practices and develop some new skills in order to work with their teams more effectively.

We played to a full house, so for those who weren’t able to make it into the webinar – we recorded it for you.

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