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We are happy to announce TestRail 1.2, a new version of our web-based test management tool. The new version comes with various smaller improvements such as the option to invite new users to TestRail and support for PHP 5.3 based environments.

We usually try not to release too many frequent updates of our products, as each new version results in some work for customers to install the new update (luckily, we never had to release a lot of ’emergency’ bug fixes for our products in the past as we work hard to release solid builds only).

However, we wanted to get some product improvements (especially PHP 5.3 support) out of the door as quickly as possible and didn’t want to wait for the completion of the next major new feature of the TestRail roadmap.

You can check out a complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes as well as more information on how to install this update in our support forum.

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