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We’ve just released beta 1.0.4 of our upcoming test case management tool TestRail. This new version introduces support for improved printing, importing/exporting test cases, and also adds a feature to copy and move cases between suites and projects. This beta version will probably be the last beta drop before we release TestRail 1.0 in early-mid January.

Print support

As mentioned previously on this blog, we wanted to provide a better way to print test suites, test runs and entire test plans to make it easier to generate reports for customers and management. TestRail 1.0.4 now allows you to easily print those reports.

Print support in TestRail

Importing/exporting test cases

The latest TestRail beta also introduces support for importing and exporting test cases. If you are just getting started with TestRail, you might already have existing test cases stored in other documents (such as Excel) or test management tools. Chances are that you want to import those test cases into TestRail and this is now possible with TestRail’s new import XML file format (please take a look at TestRail’s built-in online help to learn more about the exact file format).

You can now also export test cases and results to XML, CSV or Excel. You can use this, for example, to build additional custom reports with Excel or other tools.

Copy/move test cases

Various beta testers asked for a feature to copy or move test cases between suites and projects, so we have just added this capability to the latest beta release. You can either copy entire sections or just specific cases from another suite to the one you are currently working on:

Copy/move test cases in TestRail

We also improved and fixed a bunch of other things in this release and you can view the full change log of the new version in our forum. Let us know if you have any questions about this release or if you notice anything not working correctly.

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