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CodeRage, Embarcadero’s yearly online conference about software development topics, will be held between 4-8 October this year (next week). I will be doing a presentation about practical software test management with TestRail:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Technical Session #32
10:00am – 10:45am PDT (UTC-7)
(this is 19:00 in CEST for European attendees)

Practical Software Test Management with TestRail
Most software teams already use bug tracking tools and project management software to track and organize their development efforts. But what about the software tests? Organizing test cases, tracking the testing progress and managing testing resources is critical to ensure great release quality. This presentation introduces the Web-based test management software, TestRail, and explains how software teams benefit from adopting such a tool.

I invite you to attend this session if you are new to test management or TestRail and would like to learn more about this topic. Please register for the conference (free) in order to watch this session. Enjoy!

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