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We’re excited to announce that TestRail is supporting the Ministry of Testing as a Black Belt Sponsor! As part of our sponsorship, we’ll be providing a scholarship for one person to attend TestBash.

The Ministry of Testing (MoT) is a global software testing community that serves as an online forum for software testers and as an e-learning platform that teaches the craft of software testing. Founded in 2007 by Rosie Sherry, one of the most influential women in tech in the United Kingdom, the community has tens of thousands of testers. Since 2012, MoT is hosting the annual TestBash software testing conference, which aims at bringing together the countless members of the software testing community around the world.

“(The testing community) needed to meet face to face at an awesome event, and so our TestBash software testing conference was born.”, the MoT team writes describing the birth of TestBash.

The next TestBash conference is taking place at the Clarendon Centre in Brighton, UK. TestBash Brighton 2020 is set to be MoT’s biggest software testing conference to date, offering an eventful five-day experience for all participants starting on March 23th! The week is opening with three courses by Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham, Janet Gregory, Dan Ashby, and Karo Stoltzenburg. What follows are 10 half-day workshops and a full-day [email protected] workshop. The week is concluded with a single-track conference day, TestBash, where participants will have the opportunity to attend ten thought-provoking talks on various topics, including inspiration and burnout for testers and helping testers become product owners.

TestRail supports the MoT and its goal of bringing the software testing community together in one place. As a Black Belt sponsor, TestRail will be providing a scholarship place for one person to attend TestBash! If you’d like to apply for the Ministry of Testing Scholarship, all you have to do it send an email to [email protected] stating which event you’d like to attend. Find out more here.

Visit us on conference day, Friday, March 27 in the community room.

TestBash Brighton 2020 Schedule

  • March 23-25: Courses (Test Automation, Agile Testing, and Software Testing Essentials)
  • March 26: Workshops (all-day sessions, morning and afternoon sessions)
  • March 27: Conference day (10 talks)

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