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Now that the latest beta of TestRail with support for nested test sections is out, I wanted to take a few minutes to share our plans for version 1.0 and when it’s going to be released. We usually don’t publish release dates or which exact features we will include in new versions of our products (it usually does more harm than good in our experience), but we feel an exception to this rule makes sense for TestRail 1.0 (especially as quite a few users are waiting for the final release to go live).

Before we release TestRail 1.0, we plan to add two more critical features to TestRail (and fix a bunch of smaller issues), namely better print support and the ability to import/export test cases and suites. While printing is theoretically already supported (TestRail comes with a print stylesheet so you can basically print any page with your browser), a better way to print reports of test suites and test runs for customers and management is needed. We still plan to make use of the browsers’ print support for this, but the resulting reports will be more useful and also somewhat customizable as we currently plan it.

Upcoming print support in TestRail
Upcoming print support in TestRail

Adding a feature to import and export test cases and suites has been often requested and we understand that this is a critical feature for all users who already have a large collection of test cases (either managed in a classic test case management tool or with tools such as Excel). We plan to add this capability to TestRail and use a simple XML format for importing and exporting test cases, so that converting existing test cases to our file format will be as easy as possible.

We currently plan to release TestRail 1.0 in early-mid January. However, because the TestRail release date also depends on some other internal efforts at Gurock Software, this is still subject to change.

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