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I wrote about our newsletter in the past here. As I noted, we decided to use a double opt-in mechanism as “a good prevention against abuse”. This turned out to be a small problem or issue. It seems that only 60% of the people who enter their email address on our newsletter page really confirm the subscription. This is actually quite unexpected to me. If I enter my email address on a website to join a newsletter, I also intend to confirm the subscription. If I weren’t entirely sure about confirming the subscription, I wouldn’t have requested a confirmation email in the first place.

Two or maybe three cases come to my mind when thinking about what happened to the other 40%. It might be that those addresses are either invalid or addresses of people who didn’t really entered them themselves. In this case the double opt-in mechanism would really do its job: Preventing abuse. But it might also be that some people entered their address and forgot about the confirmation email or even worse, it landed in their spam folder. In these cases, the double opt-in mechanism would do more harm than good. As a result, we are currently considering turning the double opt-in feature off and using the default behavior.

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