(Unofficial) Python SmartInspect library

python-logoMichael Elsdörfer, one of our customers, ported the SmartInspect Delphi library to Python. Although some parts of the library are (still?) missing, like the file protocol, it’s already quite complete and you can log via TCP/IP to the Console, use all kinds of log methods and even use advanced features like sessions. Michael writes in his posting:

Back when I was still writing a lot of Win32 apps in Delphi, one of my favorite tools was SmartInspect, a very nice logging tool that also ships with Java and .NET libraries. Unfortunately, I never got to use it that much, since shortly after I bought it I started to drift more and more into web development.

So, three days ago, I had the sudden impulse to take a break from my regular projects and write a Python client library. Just for fun, mostly, but I can see some opportunities in the future where it might come in handy. I wasn’t expecting that it would take three days either, but some of the final bugs in the end took some time to iron out.

From what we can see, Michael did a really good job of porting even small details of the library to python. I’m sure the library is quite useful when developing (and debugging) Python web applications remotely. Keep up the good work Michael!