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Eric commented about his first experiences with SmartInspect over at our SmartInspect forum. To quote him:

And now SmartInspect. I have the exact same feeling; this is a must have! The console is a great piece of software, and logging functions are many so I can have the log contain exactly what I want. Hell, you can even dump objects, images, memory, values! And the emails I sent to the support were answered almost immediately and helped me get S.I. working in no time!

We love reading such comments from our users! It’s nice to get good reviews, but it’s even better to hear such experiences from direct users of our product.

We get such very positive feedback from time to time via email and would like to have more of it published on our website. So if you are a satisfied SmartInspect user, please let me know and we would be happy to post your quote and link on our website.

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