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Win Prizes, Survey, Jira Testing Plugin

In partnership with the wonderful folks at the Ministry of Testing, we bring you the Jira Testing Plugin survey! Go fill it out here and get entered into a prize draw for Ministry of Testing goodies:


If you love to learn about all things testing, you’ll love our first prize: A year long professional membership to the MOT Dojo. Unlimited access to videos, articles and training courses. Keeping you at the cutting edge of modern software testing practices.

Three runners up will also win world renowned TestSphere card decks. Play TestSphere with your colleagues and friends and keep your testing skills sharp!

The survey is open until the 26th July. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide some feedback on Jira Testing Plugins. And be in with a chance of winning some goodies at the same time!

Fill out the survey here:


Post by Simon Knight, Gurock Product Manager. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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