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Start Your Migration: CSV/Excel Import in TestRail 4.1


We’ve always offered options to import and migrate your test cases to our test management tool TestRail, so you could continue using your existing projects after making the switch. We have import scripts for select legacy tools and offer an advanced migration tool for Excel/CSV files. Our existing migration scripts work great to convert your tests from various tools and formats, including other test management tools and spreadsheets. This is especially useful if you want to customize and adjust the migration for your specific file format.

Not all teams need this level of flexibility and not all file formats require custom logic to map your data to TestRail’s test cases though. Before adding a direct CSV import option in TestRail, we wanted to make sure that we have a very flexible design that allows users to import a wide range of files and formats. And all this without having to adjust or prepare the files first. With today’s TestRail 4.1 release we are happy to offer such a direct CSV import option that will make it much easier to import existing test cases from third-party tools, issue trackers and spreadsheet files.

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Gurock Year in Review 2014


The past year has been a turbulent year for everyone in the software quality and security sector, with many high-impact security vulnerabilities and software bugs keeping IT and dev teams busy throughout the year. We noticed that many companies and teams focused more on software quality this year and spent more time and resources to make their projects more robust. Various teams told us that customer expectations for software quality are steadily increasing, especially as it becomes easier for customers to switch to alternative products at any time.

At the end of a year we always like to look back to review what went well, what didn’t go so well and to set our goals for the next year. For us here at Gurock 2014 has been a great year and it was especially intense with various major feature releases of our flagship product TestRail, designing and building our improved cloud infrastructure and the release of our new website. We worked with many fantastic new and existing customers this year and look forward to continue working with you all in 2015! We list some of our major milestones of 2014 below and include a short outlook of our upcoming plans for the next year.

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Introducing TestRail 4.0

Over the last months our team has been hard at work redesigning TestRail’s user experience and adding many often requested features to the application. And today I’m excited to announce the release of TestRail 4.0, a new major version of our modern test management tool!


The new version features a redesigned user interface, bulk editing for test cases, new powerful filter and grouping options, significantly improved navigation, baseline & single-suite support, new reporting options and much more. With more than 80+ new features, enhancements and fixes, this is our biggest TestRail release yet.

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Free TestRail training videos

We have demonstrated our test management tool TestRail to customers in hundreds of online product demos and training sessions over the years and we want to enable more customers to benefit from viewing TestRail’s capabilities in action.

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TestRail third-party extensions and scripts

Many of our customers integrate our test management software TestRail with issue trackers (such as JIRA, Redmine or FogBugz), test automation tools or existing infrastructure like Active Directory or LDAP systems. To make this easy and to allow customers extend and customize the application, TestRail comes with various options such as our extensive API, authentication scripts, defect plugins and UI scripts.

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TestRail 3.1 now available

We are happy to announce TestRail 3.1, a new version of our popular web-based test management tool. This new version introduces various new features such as improved user management with user groups and bulk user adding, test plan & configuration enhancements and better test case selection filters.

TestRail 3.1 also adds custom defect templates (for pushing bug reports to your favorite issue tracking tool), enhanced test run grouping and sorting options, additional often requested API methods and various other improvements. Please see below for detailed descriptions of the new features and improvements.

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TestRail API bindings

This is our first small update in 2014, so Happy New Year! Most software teams use a mix of manual testing and automated tests to test their projects nowadays, and quite a few teams use our test management tool TestRail to manage those tests. Manual testing is usually conducted using TestRail’s web interface and automated tests can be integrated using TestRai’s API. TestRail’s API uses simply HTTP requests and allows you to automate many parts of the application, such as submitting test results, updating test cases, starting new runs and so on.

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TestRail 3.0 released

We are excited to announce the availability of TestRail 3.0, a new version of our test management tool. When we started to design and plan this release, we reviewed tons of feedback we received for TestRail over the previous months, went through internal notes and our feedback system as well as discussed future roadmap options with various teams (both new and existing TestRail customers). It quickly became clear that there were a few things many of our customers would benefit from, namely better reporting capabilities, more native defect integrations as well as a redesigned API.

So for the past 6 months we have been working on the new version to implement all this and more. TestRail 3.0 features an awesome reporting engine to generate new built-in reports, to make it easy to schedule and share statistics as well as allowing teams to develop their own custom reports. The new release also features a redesigned and improved API to automate various things in TestRail and to integrate your automated tests and tools. TestRail 3.0 also comes with improved integrations for tools such as Rally, Assembla, Bitbucket, GitHub, JIRA and OnTime. We also included various other improvements and new features in this new version and you can review all changes below.

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Besides working on a new major version of our test management tool TestRail (stay tuned!), we have also been working on a new website for the software testing community. We are excited to announce Software Testing Tools, a new website that helps software teams discover new tools to improve their software testing efforts.

Whether you are testing web applications, mobile apps or plain old desktop software, you are usually using various tools to get the job done. You might use a bug tracking tool to communicate with the development team, a mobile device emulator to verify your apps or a unit testing framework for your automated tests. Discovering new useful tools for your testing efforts is hard, especially as there are so many tools, resources and websites out there!

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Improved JIRA integration for TestRail released

We are happy to announce that we just released an improved JIRA integration as part of TestRail 2.7.1, a new version of our test management tool. JIRA is one of the most popular issue tracking tools among TestRail users and we worked on a new defect plugin for JIRA’s new REST web service API.

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