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TestRail a Leader in the G2 Crowd Grid for Software Testing

TestRail G2 Crowd Grid Software Testing Tool

We’re excited to announce that TestRail has been named a Leader in the Winter 2019 G2 Crowd Grid for Software Testing. According to this report, TestRail is the #1 most popular tool overall among 27 vendors, based on customer reviews.

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Does Secure Cryptocurrency Really Exist?

Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain transaction, Securing cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency security best practices, CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium, Cryptocurrency security, TestRail.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are often described as being secure at the core. But is this true? After seeing multiple security incidents with cryptocurrencies that resulted is large losses, is there really any such thing as a secure cryptocurrency? Lets explore how cryptocurrency works, the security problem and the concept or making cryptocurrency secure.

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Tester’s Diary: What Now, Test Team Lead?

Leadership, Testing Strategies, Testing Team Changes, Keep up with Development, A Minimum Set of Testing, New Testing Strategy. TestRail.

Earlier in the year, the test and development teams started work on a new project. We began testing after development had already started, so we had a large backlog of stories to test. This has been one of the hardest months I’ve ever had at this job. A team member left the team. We missed a deadline too. This is what we learned and how we have adapted to avoid the same scenario in the future.

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Kubernetes: Why It Matters for Performance Testing

Kubernetes, Go-to open-source technology, Distributed computing, Virtual machines, Approach that uses Kubernetes, Performance testing, Containerized applications, Container orchestration. TestRail

Kubernetes is fast becoming the go-to open-source technology for container orchestration at the enterprise level. It not only allows IT departments to deploy containers at scale automatically, but also ensures that those containers will run reliably in a fault-tolerant manner. Eventually Kubernetes will affect just about everyone involved in the software development lifecycle: developers, operations personnel and test practitioners. But if you’re uninitiated, you might be wondering why Kubernetes is such a big deal. Let’s take a look at the details.

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Tester’s Diary: Is This Introversion, or Fear of Change?

Changing team, Join the development team, Benefits of sitting with the development team, Test team are all introverts

One of the goals we had for our test team this year was moving the entire team into the development team room. Our experience with sitting one tester with the development team was a success, and we wanted to build on that by bringing in the others. However, once the new desk was added, it became apparent that we had other issues. Two of our testers could now join the team room, but instead, both desks sat empty. What happened?

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The Basics of Breaking into Performance Testing

Performance testing, Performance testing capabilities, Product performance, Break into performance testing, Performance testing skills, Introduction to performance testing, TestRail.

More and more testers want to add some performance testing capabilities to their repertoires. If you are fairly new to the concept and want to break into performance testing, start by actually thinking about product performance. If you have a passing interest in performance testing but don’t necessarily want to use a dedicated tool, here are five good places to start.

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How a Tester Can Build a Professional Portfolio

Build a Professional Testing Portfolio, Testers Portfolios, Show Software Testing Work, Display Testing Skills, Public Speaking, Writing About Testing, Testing CV, Applying for Testing Roles. TestRail.

A portfolio displays skill because it take skill to make one. Developers and designers usually have a personal portfolio they can reference when they want to hunt for a job. Developers have a GitHub repository, and designers will have a website and some design samples. Testing work, however, is usually invisible, and the parts that are visible we can’t always take with us. So, how can testers build portfolios to show work we have done and display our skills?

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Using Static Analysis Tools for Testing and Code Health

Static Analysis Overview, Using Static Analysis Tools Locally, Static Analysis Tools in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Tools to Address Technical Debt. TestRail

How can you help your organization test your software better? Static Analysis tools are a critical part of any team’s overall efforts to build and maintain great software. This article focuses on static analysis tools themselves, and how to implement them in your environment. You’ll also see how such tools can help you begin to address larger technical debt and overall code health quality issues.

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Test Manager’s Role in an Agile Organization

QA Director, Value testing offers, Eliminate testing department, Show that the QA department was worthwhile, The cost and value of testing, Customer experience, Speed of delivery, Quality attributes, TestRail.

Agile approaches depend on pervasive testing. However, many senior managers think they can eliminate the entire testing department. Learn how to make your role as a test manager even more relevant in an agile organization. Looking at the data to assess the cost to acquire a customer, the time it takes to acquire that customer, and customer experience we can show that the QA department is worthwhile.

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Do We Really Need Testers?

Do We Really Need Testers, Changes in Testing Role, Knowing When to Use Testers, Ability to Recover, Agile Organisations, High Stakes Software. TestRail. is eliminating the testing role in parts of its organization. Yahoo did the same thing a few years ago. These organizations are taking the stance that testing is something anyone can do close to the development role. Some organizations will be very successful having no one in a testing role; others will quietly rehire a testing department in a few years and try to rebuild the quality practices that disappeared after the layoffs. Does your organisation really need testers?

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Five Things to Make Your User Interface Tests Better: Bad Practices Cost You Time, Money, and Tears

Test automation, User Interface Tests, Improve User Interface Testing, Automated UI Testing, Clean code, Locator Strategy, Page Object Pattern, Asynchronous actions, Avoid Thread.Sleep, Test suite maintenance

Test automation, especially at the User Interface (UI) or end-to-end level, can be a huge hit to a team’s productivity, effectiveness, and morale. It doesn’t have to be this way! A few simple concepts, applied with careful thought and discipline, can reap tremendous benefits for teams working with test automation. This article focuses on UI test automation; however, several of the ideas apply to many types of automated testing.

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