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3 Ways to Plan Testing

3 Ways to Plan Testing | Software testing strategies | Collaboration, coding and test automation | TestRail Software Testing Tips and Advice

Test planning is an important skill for testers who wish to communicate the purpose and value of their testing in meaningful ways. When choosing a test planning strategy, it is important to consider the strengths that a strategy offers before implementation. Risk, Session, and Heuristic Based strategies can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to create targeted, effective testing on any product.

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What to do When Testing gets Boring

What to do When Software Testing gets Boring | Software testing strategies | Collaboration, coding and test automation | TestRail Software Testing Tips and Advice

I have heard more than one person say that if testing isn’t interesting and fun, then you aren’t doing it right. Those people probably haven’t spent time working on a sprint cycle, taking new features and delivering new software every week or two. Testing is a wonderful and interesting craft, but repetition can make me forget that. Some features are interesting and some are not. Some testing projects are fun and exciting, and others are routine.

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Testers Diary – Changing Locations and Strategies

Sory of a Software Tester Changing Locations and Strategies within a organisation. Software testers collaborating with software testers. Changing Software Testing Styles. Testrail.

It can be really hard to avoid testing deeply when that’s all you’ve ever done, even when you know it’s not valuable in the moment. Not writing a defect when something seemed wrong felt almost sacrilegious. But in the end, because of the testing we’ve built into development process, I know that we’re still producing a high quality product, just in a different way.

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Winning at Strategic Automation with the CRAWL Mnemonic

Strategic Software Testing Automation | Balancing Short Term and Long Term Software Testing Goals | Selecting the Best Software Testing Strategies with the CRAWL Mnemonic | TestRail

One of the biggest challenges facing any organization is the balancing act between short and long-term goals. Every facet of our lives tends to be a juggling act between these two competing forces. Whether in QA, or just business in general, as humans, we all want things right-now and struggle to balance the demands of the present with our long-term goals and objectives.

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The 5 Competencies of a Mobile Testing Specialist

The 5 Competencies of a Mobile Testing Specialist. Testing for phones. Software testing. Application testing. Testing handheld devices.

“Mobile software is eating the world” and the stakes of mobile releases are often higher since the release cadence is slower and less predictable. Identifying the right skills and approaches for mobile application testing, and where they fit on your team can make the difference between a successful release, and an uninstall.

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TestRail by Gurock Earns High Praise from Test Management and QA Professionals

TestRail Helps Organizations Achieve 81 Percent Increase in Testing Productivity

TestRail by Gurock (a division of Idera, Inc.), a provider of test case management and QA productivity tools, today announced new customer survey results highlighting the top pain points and business challenges that require a software test management solution, and the key benefits of using TestRail.

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Survive and Thrive as a Lone Tester

Survive and Thrive as a Lone Software Tester. Strategies for effectively working as a software tester alone.

Many testers work as the only tester in their company. Lone testers have a lot of control over their jobs and daily activities, a freedom that is quite attractive. Yet, they need to establish boundaries with coworkers, routines within their own workflow, and methods so they can accomplish the variety of tasks required in their jobs.

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You’ve Got To See This

Edward Tufte Presenting data in effective and relevant ways, presenting software testing data | the best way to share data as a software tester | TestRail

Edward Tufte is an evangelist for the context-driven analysis and presentation of data. He self-published his first book on the topic, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, in 1983 and followed it over the next 20 years or so by Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations, and Beautiful Evidence.

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Changing Times: An Interview with Rich Rogers

Changing Times: An Interview with Rich Rogers. Books for Software testers. Quality assurance and Customer Experience

… If we care about quality we can’t just add some magic ingredient. We have to think (and talk) about it at every stage of a product’s life, and this means thinking (and talking) about how the product will affect the real people it is intended to help.

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How Much UI Automation Do You Need?

How Much UI Automation Do You Need? Software testing and automation. The software test pyramid. Finding the correct amount of UI automation.

When I first started working in test automation, I asked for help. It was ten years ago; the developers I worked with sent me references and links to articles. The articles were on programming, information about how browsers work, details on javascript, links to an overwhelming list of libraries for programmatic testing and the test automation pyramid.

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