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Four Things That Can Sabotage a Sprint

four things sabotage sprint

Success and failure are a part of any journey. For agile teams, continuous delivery is the expectation, and that may be a hard thing to achieve. As sprints go on and tasks pile up, we may deter from the path.

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Whole Team Quality and Testing

whole team testing

Since the concept of Whole Team Quality became popular, there are loads of people who make grand pronouncements on what the term means. It is almost as if it has become its own buzzword with people making money from it.

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A Manager’s First Job

test managers

Many managers got promoted to management because they were excellent at the technical part of the job. But, the management role isn’t in the work itself–the job is about facilitating other people’s work.

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How to Implement A/B Testing Using a Kubernetes Canary Deployment

AB Testing  

A/B testing is the practice of running two release versions of software simultaneously and then forwarding usage to a given version according to routing configuration settings.

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TestRail Leads in the Spring 2020 G2 Grid for Test Management

TestRail G2 Grid

TestRail has maintained its position as the #1 test management software, according to the Spring 2020 G2 Grid for Test Management! TestRail has been recognized as a “Momentum Leader” and as the “Most Implementable” tool in this category.

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How Can This Fail?

how can this fail  

Good testing relies on careful thinking and interaction with the system under test, the people using it and those tasked with testing it. One question, however, seems to not get asked enough at many organizations: How can this fail?

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Tester’s Diary: A Healthy Dose of Humility

test manager lessons

My leadership style is still developing, but a healthy dose of humility that came with being told that I don’t always know best was necessary for me to get started.

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Suddenly Working Remote When You Hadn’t Planned On It

suddenly working remote

Many people are suddenly thrust into “working from home” or “remote working” when they and their companies had not planned on this. For some, it is a minor inconvenience. For others, it is a major adjustment for them and their entire family. We’ll look at how to survive this sudden change, and maybe thrive in the “new normal.”

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Do You Have Blind Spots in Your Software Testing?

inattentional blindness while testing

As a human psychological concept, inattentional blindness also plagues testers and their mindset when testing. Let’s look at some steps we can take to overcome this challenge and avoid blind spots in our testing work.

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Once and for All: Containers Are Not VMs


There’s a common misperception that a Linux container is nothing more than a lightweight virtual machine (VM). But that’s not the case.

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