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TestRail a Leader in the G2 Crowd Grid for Software Testing

TestRail G2 Crowd Grid Software Testing Tool

We’re excited to announce that TestRail has been named a Leader in the Winter 2019 G2 Crowd Grid for Software Testing. According to this report, TestRail is the #1 most popular tool overall among 27 vendors, based on customer reviews.

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Test Manager’s Role in an Agile Organization

QA Director, Value testing offers, Eliminate testing department, Show that the QA department was worthwhile, The cost and value of testing, Customer experience, Speed of delivery, Quality attributes, TestRail.

Agile approaches depend on pervasive testing. However, many senior managers think they can eliminate the entire testing department. Learn how to make your role as a test manager even more relevant in an agile organization. Looking at the data to assess the cost to acquire a customer, the time it takes to acquire that customer, and customer experience we can show that the QA department is worthwhile.

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Do We Really Need Testers?

Do We Really Need Testers, Changes in Testing Role, Knowing When to Use Testers, Ability to Recover, Agile Organisations, High Stakes Software. TestRail. is eliminating the testing role in parts of its organization. Yahoo did the same thing a few years ago. These organizations are taking the stance that testing is something anyone can do close to the development role. Some organizations will be very successful having no one in a testing role; others will quietly rehire a testing department in a few years and try to rebuild the quality practices that disappeared after the layoffs. Does your organisation really need testers?

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Five Things to Make Your User Interface Tests Better: Bad Practices Cost You Time, Money, and Tears

Test automation, User Interface Tests, Improve User Interface Testing, Automated UI Testing, Clean code, Locator Strategy, Page Object Pattern, Asynchronous actions, Avoid Thread.Sleep, Test suite maintenance

Test automation, especially at the User Interface (UI) or end-to-end level, can be a huge hit to a team’s productivity, effectiveness, and morale. It doesn’t have to be this way! A few simple concepts, applied with careful thought and discipline, can reap tremendous benefits for teams working with test automation. This article focuses on UI test automation; however, several of the ideas apply to many types of automated testing.

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4 Ways to Use Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria, How testers use acceptance criteria, Automation design, Development checklist criteria, Test cases, Rejection criteria. TestRail.

Acceptance criteria are supposed to represent the value a customer needs for the software change to be useful. Product managers use acceptance criteria as a way to communicate ideas that will be translated into software, developers use them to implement the right thing. Like any sort of software requirement, most acceptance criteria are incomplete, wrong, out of date or misunderstood. Here are a few ways testers use acceptance criteria, as well as some tips for how to make those criteria more useful.

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Tester’s Diary: Reluctant Leadership, Part 2

Product meetings, Leading meetings, Leadership, Test Lead, Challenging meetings, Making the most of test meetings, Collaborative leadership, Leadership role, Leadership style.

I’m learning that it’s entirely different to attend a meeting in a leader capacity. The meetings are challenging to sit through. Unlike most meetings I’ve attended before, all stakeholders are included. This means representatives from development, product management, project management, test, support, consulting, sales and marketing are all present. Overall, there are both aspects of leadership I’m really looking forward to and aspects I’m dreading, here is what I have learned so far.

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The 3 Ephemeral Computing Skills Every Performance Test Engineer Needs to Have

Ephemeral computing, Calculate the cost of scale, Script ephemeral computing sessions, Use orchestration technology, Creating a virtual computing environment, TestRail

Ephemeral computing is the practice of creating a virtual computing environment as a need arises and then destroying that environment when the need is met, and the resources are no longer in demand. You pay only for what’s used, when it’s used. The value proposition of ephemeral computing is hard to ignore. Yet, for all the benefit ephemeral computing provides, it does come with risks. Here are three essential skills you need to use this technology safely.

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Avoiding Agile Defects: Prevention is the Best Cure

Preventing Agile Defects, Preventing Bugs Agile, Static Analysis and Continuous Integration, Taking Prevention Measures, Reducing Bugs, Agile Development

The agile methodology focuses on building in quality from the beginning of the software lifecycle. That is why we aim to find and fix defects early on: A defect fixed in an earlier lifecycle phase is a multitude cheaper than the same defect at a later stage. How can we make it possible to prevent defects from percolating deeper in the software development lifecycle by fixing them in their nascent stages? Let’s explore ways to foresee, analyze and thwart defects in an agile context.

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Are Blockchain Apps Really Secure?

Blockchain technology, Blockchain Apps, Is Blockchain Unhackable, Security and privacy of blockchain, The CIA Triad, Blockchain, Apps and Security, Myths about Blockchain, Blockchain Security

Blockchain technology allows multiple people or devices that don’t trust one another to share trusted data. The way blockchain works makes it nearly impossible for a malicious party to tamper with the data without being caught, so it has been called “unhackable technology.” But is blockchain really unhackable? Let’s look at the security and privacy that blockchain really provides.

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Determining the Ideal Tester to Developer Ratio

Tester to Developer Ratio, Test to Dev Ratio, Test-to-dev ratio, Software development, Deciding to recruit additional tester, Deciding to hire Tester, Effective software development workflow, Development bottleneck, TestRail

I was working on a pretty tough project early in my career. Our tester-to-developer ratio was completely inappropriate for how we were developing software, especially right before we wanted to put out new software. We had three options: recruit and hire an additional tester, work to make our development process more effective and efficient, or both of those things. What is the right test-to-dev ratio, and how can you figure out what’s right for your team?

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Travis CI Joins the Idera Family of Testing Tools

Idera Acquires Travis CI, Continuous Integration, TestRail

Idera, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Travis CI, a market leader in continuous integration. Travis CI will join TestRail in Idera, Inc.’s Testing Tools division, which also includes Ranorex and Kiuwan.

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