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Testing In Production Isn’t a Sin Anymore

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What do you think about testing in production? If you count yourself among the ranks of those who still see testing in production as an unforgivable sin, we’ll try and convince you it isn’t so. When done correctly and under the right circumstances, testing in production can be the final piece of the puzzle of awesome software.

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Release Criteria at All Levels: Turtles All the Way Down

Release criteira, done, what done means for a story, iteration, delivery, release, finishing a project

You might know what done means for a story. Do you know what it means for an iteration, a delivery, a release and a project? Let’s explore various release criteria and discuss how they might work for you.

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Ransomware: How to Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Ransomware, malicious software, avoid Ransomware, software security, trojan horses, What to do after Ransomware attack, Prevent Ransomware

Today’s news feeds are ripe with fresh examples of ransomware victims. According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report, ransomware was the most common type of malware in attacks last year. We’ll describe what ransomware really is, and more importantly, cover the most effective ways to avoid becoming the next victim.

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A Day in the Life of an Agile Tester

Agile tester's typical day, design discussions, test planning, strategizing for upcoming sprints, collaborating with developers, user stories, peer reviews, test execution, requirement analysis, automation strategies. TestRail

An Agile tester’s work life is intriguing, busy and challenging. Let’s sneak a peek into an agile tester’s typical day: filled with varied activities like design discussions, test planning, strategizing for upcoming sprints, collaborating with developers on current user stories, peer reviewing for team mates, test execution, working with BAs for requirement analysis and planning automation strategies.

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Find the Right TDD Approach for Your Testing Situation

TDD approach, Test-driven development, TDD definition, Assert first, Unit testing, One assert per test, Single assert test approach, Test naming, Software testing strategies, TestRail

While the test-driven development (TDD) cycle is simple — write a test, get it to pass, refactor — developers have found numerous ways to tweak the programming technique. In other words, no one true way to practice TDD exists. That means your oddball approach to TDD is probably OK, but it also means you can find a lot to learn from exploring some of these TDD “alternatives.”

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Defining Test Strategy Webinar

BDD Testing Skills. Webinar. TestRail

Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Gerrard to our series of illustrious webinar guests! Paul talked about what a Test Strategy is, and what it isn’t. Who it’s for, and who it’s not. How to design one and, most importantly, how to deliver it without getting punched in the face!

If you didn’t manage to get along to the webinar, you can find the video here.

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Tester’s Diary: A Crash Course in Security

Working with the lead security developer, creating a security curriculum for testers, security testing, user permissions. TestRail.

One of my goals for this year is to establish a curriculum to help my team learn more about security testing. We’re developing our first cloud-hosted solution, and there are many elements of browser-based security testing that we’ve never experienced. Here is my story about working with the lead security developer to create a security curriculum for testers.

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7 Ways Testers Contribute to Quality

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Nothing I have done while testing actually changed the product quality. What I did do was learn some important things and share them with other people. Testing doesn’t affect product quality, but testers do. Here are seven things testers do to make a contribution to quality.

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How to Hire the Agile Team You Need

You’re interested in hiring for an existing agile team tell me, if you can: What’s core to the culture of that team- what do they hold near and dear about how they work? Which one technical element is a must-have if there are any? If you can’t answer these questions succinctly, you’re jumping the gun with your hiring. Here are three job requirements essentials, and three important aspects about hiring to consider before you draft a job requisition for an agile team.

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Test-Infected: Insights from the TDD Community

Test Driven Development, TDD, Software Testing Strategies, TDD practice, Test Infected, BDD, TDD and Design, Unit Tests

It takes time and firsthand experience for TDD to get under people’s skin to the point where they enjoy scratching out a test and regret when they cannot. Twenty years ago, we called this becoming “test-infected.” Some have advanced to the mastery level of TDD, where they understand the occasional times when they can produce code confidently without it. But I warrant that all of these test-infected would say that they would never give up the practice.

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