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TestRail Live Webinars for March 2020

TestRail march webinars

From setting up your first TestRail test case to configuring integration with Jira, we’ve got a variety of live webinars on the schedule for the first week of March, 2020. Read this article to learn more and register for the sessions that interest you.

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Become a Self-Taught Software Tester in 2020

self taught tester

If you are fresh out of college or looking to switch careers, even if you are not from a computing or engineering background at all, you can jump-start your career in testing. Here are some tips and advice on how to become a self-taught software tester this year.

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Three Steps to Set Up an Automation Strategy

automated tests strategy

Organizations must figure out what they want to automate, when they want to start, how to implement automated testing, and whether it can be used in parallel with their existing testing process, tools and frameworks. These are crucial aspects that must be considered in order to succeed.

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How Was This Tested?

software test fails  

There’s never enough time to really exercise a piece of software. Bosses want it done yesterday. Project Managers and Scrum Masters want to know the progress and what is left. So, hey, it worked just mark it as PASS and move to the next set of tests. That is fine, until something critical fails and everyone looks at the people who tested it. How do we, as testers, answer the question “How was this tested?”

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Three Easy Ways to Improve a Container’s Performance

container performance

Containers do not guarantee optimal performance out of the box. In fact, it’s quite possible to deploy containers that run very slowly. The trick to avoiding such a hazard is to plan ahead and take precautionary measures.

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Integrating Integration Tests

integration tests  

There is loads of evidence showing that systems are complex entities and the people working with them are more complex. How can we do integration testing better than we are? There is loads of evidence showing that systems are complex entities and the people working with them are more complex. How can we do integration testing better than we are?

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Four Natural Personality Traits That Make a Great Tester

traits for testers

The following four traits belong to people who naturally make great testers. Developing these traits can help you in your testing career, and if you are a manager, these are the traits to seek when looking to hire new testers for your team!

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Testing Microservices-Oriented Applications

testing microservices

The benefits that a microservices architecture offers are only as good as the test practices in place to support them. Designing tests for microservices with a near-instantaneous release cycle requires a new way of thinking — at both the micro and macro levels.

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Does It Work?

software testing failed  

One question testers get asked on a fairly regular basis, often has loads of unstated questions in it. It also likely has loads of angst contained within it. Let’s look at what might be really getting asked.

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The Partnership of Testing and Checking

automated checking

I recently met software testing consultant James Bach on his visit to India, and I got a chance to talk with him and listen to his opinions and ideas about the art of testing. Not only did it bring me a deeper understanding of the psychology of testing, but it also reinforced the notion of automation only performing checking.

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