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Programming Languages Aspiring Technical Testers Need to Learn

TestRail,technical tester

Testers who want to get technical should start by learning some new programming languages. But which should you learn? There are so many languages to choose from that there is often confusion about where to start your journey and what would be useful for your career growth.

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Test Management in TestRail Webinar Highlights

TestRail test management webinar recap

There are some approaches and practices that will help your team get the most value from TestRail. In a recent webinar, TestRail product manager Simon Knight shared his “pro tips” to help test managers/test leads optimize testing workflows for any development approach. Here are the highlights from that webinar.

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Master Meetings to be Your Most Professional Self

TestRail,self taught software tester

Meetings are a vital part of how testers and developers engage at work — even when working remotely. From scheduling, to agendas, preparation, and participation, there are all kinds of strategies to help you perform well in meetings.

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Bring Your Most Professional Self to Work

TestRail,self taught software tester

No matter the culture in your organization, there are ways you can show up at work as your most professional self. Even if you’re just getting started as a software tester, you know that fulfilling the requirements of your job and doing your best work are to be expected. But what else can you do to gain respect from your colleagues, subordinates, and higher-ups that will help you succeed at any stage of your career?

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Continuous Testing in DevOps

TestRail, developer and tester collaboration

Continuous delivery is necessary for agile development, and that cannot happen without having continuity in testing practices, too.

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3 Big Questions to Ask About Your Specifications

TestRail, guy with a laptop

Besides the ‘functional’ aspects of software, what “non-functional” things need to be tested? Based on the number of times I have encountered this question, this is something that seems hard for many people. Maybe the issue is in the very concept of “functional” testing.

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Announcing TestRail 6.6 with Enhanced Administration

TestRail Release Accouncement

🎃 It’s no trick: we’ve got a treat in store for you! TestRail 6.6 is on its way with improved TestRail administration and new features for both TestRail Professional and TestRail Enterprise customers. TestRail 6.6 is scheduled for limited release in mid-October, with general availability at the end of October.

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7 Types of Testing Beyond What Customers See

testers helping programmers

Testers must ensure that the functionality customers see is correct. However, too many organizations — and at least a few testers — still believe that’s all they can do, and they miss many other opportunities to contribute to software quality.

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Tester’s Diary: Getting Out of a Testing Rut

TestRail, two software testers sitting on a diary

I found myself in a rut with my testing. More bugs were ending up in production, and I was losing confidence in my abilities. Getting out of that rut was difficult, but all of sudden, I was doing the best testing of my life.

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5 Steps to Successful Testing in DevOps

TestRail, Two software testers standing with tools in hand

If you move to DevOps, testing requires a lot more communication and collaboration. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the right track.

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