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Privacy and Confidentiality: What’s the Difference?

confidentiality and privacy in a software testing environment, difference between confidentiality and privacy, data protection and software testing, information security. TestRail.

The terms “confidentiality” and “privacy” are often used interchangeably, but they actually represent completely different topics. In this article, we’ll explain what each one is, how they differ, and some ways to ensure confidentiality and privacy in your environments.

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Test-Driven Development: A Love Story?

Test Driven Development. TDD. Using TDD Strategies. Software Testing Strategies. TestRail. Gurock.

“Love” is a strong word. I’m not sure I really love test-driven development (TDD). But I do love solving problems by programming and crafting simple, elegant code. I continue using test-driven development because it gives me more opportunities to do the things I love (deliver clean software solutions), and because it reduces baldness-inducing software development pains (defects and unnecessary complexity).

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Tester’s Diary: Testing Stories with Developers

Testing with developers. Helping developers understand how much testing was 'good enough' for the stories needed before release. Testing with Developers on a short deadline. TestRail.

While testing with the development team, I helped the developers understand how much testing was ‘good enough’ for the stories needed before release. Thanks to the developers’ assistance, we were able to meet our tight testing deadline for features and defects.

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Managing Mobile Testing Projects

API testing, mobile testing teams vs blended teams, keeping projects in sync. Managing Mobile Testing Projects. TestRail

The mobile projects I have worked on were always embedded in larger software development projects, they weren’t ‘mobile-only’ offerings. Changes to other parts of the product affected what happened in the mobile product and vice versa. How can we effectively work on mobile testing projects when there are so many moving parts?

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Performance Testing in an Ephemeral Environment

Containers, performance test, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Performance Testing, dynamic deployment, deployment, automation, automated provisioning, git, source code repository, Internet of Things, test plan, test planning, error handling, Docker

Lets examine performance testing for ephemeral applications; those that are loaded, executed and destroyed dynamically, used only when needed. The article focuses on performance testing virtual machines and container in an orchestrated, cloud environment. Performance tests that combine logging, system monitoring and cloud region optimization can provide a clear avenue of success.

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Announcing TestRail 5.5 Release with Ranorex Integration, GDPR, Admin, UI and Performance Enhancements

TestRail | 5.5 | Platform Release with Improved security, performance, administration and Ranorex Integration

We’re very pleased and excited to announce that TestRail 5.5 is now available and will be coming to a cloud instance near you very shortly if it hasn’t already done so! For this dot release we’ve continued our theme of making improvements to the administration area of TestRail, in particular so that large teams can benefit from easier user administration and increased security. While we were doing that, we made a few additional UI enhancements and some quite major scalability changes in the TestRail database which will vastly improve performance for teams with large numbers of test cases and test runs.

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5 Myths about Test Driven Development

Myths about test driven development. TDD. Unit Testing. QA Strategy. Software Testing. TestRail

I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions, or myths about test driven development over the years. So today, let’s clear things up. Let’s debunk some myths about test driven development!

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6 Good Habits for Effective Penetration Testers

Penetration testing, Pen Testing, Testing methods, Project management, Security testing. Penetration Testing Methods. 6 Good Habits for Effective Penetration Testers

Successful Pen Tests don’t just happen. They are well-managed projects that mature over time, and the best Pen Testers generally share a few common traits. We’ll introduce you to six of the traits many effective Pen Testers possess, and how you can develop these habits.

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MVE and MVP: Defining the Difference

MVP, MVE, spike. Difference between Minimum Viable Experiment and Minimum Viable Product. Software Testing. TestRail.

What is the minimum for your product? Can you create an MVP, a Minimum Viable Product, in a week or so? If not, what is the smallest valuable work you can deliver? Often, that’s a Minimum Viable Experiment. Learn the difference between an MVE, an MVP, and how to use spikes to deliver the smallest value every day.

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A Look at the Software Tester Career Path

Software tester career path. Software Testing Career Advice. Testing Careers. Careers in Software Testing. TestRail. Gurock.

Everyone wants to grow and progress in their careers, earning their way to better situations. So, in a nod to that, I’m going to talk today about the software tester career path. You may work for a great company, but it won’t be a great deal for you unless you understand your own path to growth.

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