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Beyond Functional Testing: 7 Other Types of Testing You Should Do

Functional Testing, Software Testing Strategies, Comprehensive Software Testing Strategy, QA, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, Endurance Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing

You can’t always be a professional software organization without functional testing. that doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of testing you need to do. In fact, you should be doing a lot of other different kinds of testing if you want to have confidence that you’re shipping an excellent product. Lets examine some other types of testing you should do.

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A Definition of Done for Modern Development

Software Testing Coverage, Test Coverage, Continuous Delivery, Software Demonstration, Green Build, Finishing Development Project, Software Production

Software organizations tend to operate on a definition of done. Each instance of ‘done’ usually means one specialty in the development group is ready to hand off a piece of work to another specialty. I have been working in an extreme programming shop for the past few months, and there are no handoffs; done means ready to ship to production. So, how do we know we are done when there are no pauses in the flow?

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Win Prizes – Fill out the Jira Testing Plugin Survey!

Survey, Prizes, Jira Testing Plugin

In partnership with the wonderful folks at the Ministry of Testing, we bring you the Jira Testing Plugin survey! Go fill it out here and get entered into a prize draw for Ministry of Testing goodies: Survey

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The Challenge of Determining Acceptable Code Coverage

code coverage, testing, unit testing, quality assurance, risk, expense of testing, happy path testing, negative testing, application logic

Any line of code that hasn’t been exercised in a test is a potential risk. Thus, test practitioners use a metric called the code coverage percentage to determine how much of the code that’s been written has been exercised in testing. Many companies that support automated testing incorporate code coverage reporting into their test evaluation processes, and most of the popular programming frameworks have code coverage tools that integrate into the testing process.

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Reports Webinars Questions and Answers

How it works. Jira and Other Testing Integrations. Webinar. TestRail.

During the Winning at TestRail Reporting webinar, we promised to try and answer as many of your questions about reports as we could. Where possible, we did that during the webinar itself using the GoToWebinar console. But predictably, there were a great many that we just didn’t have time to answer on the day.

We did gather them all up to be answered at a later stage though. And so, for your TestRail reporting edification, here they are – with our answers to them – below.

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Tester’s Diary: Rethinking Test Reporting

Software Testing Reporting, Visual Test Report, Test Reports, Test Overview, Making Testing More Visible, Software Testing, TestRail

With the project I started last year finally behind me and my new project not yet ready, I was able to take some time last week to work on my annual goals. I hoped to start by meeting with the product manager of my next project to discuss the basics of test reporting: what information she needs, what decisions the test reports drive and what is missing from our current reports.

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Crafting User Stories That Agile Teams Will Love

User stories, agile teams, business case, user requirements, Writing good user stories, software testing, TestRail

Requirements written in the form of user stories help agile teams understand the need, business case and real user’s perspective. Most agile teams are perpetually crippled by incomplete, ambiguous and vague user stories which lack depth and details. Let us discuss ways to craft user stories which are understandable, usable, complete and valuable, which our agile teams will definitely love!

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Lead Your Agile Culture Change

agile transformation, cultural change, leadership, agile, software testing, testing strategies, TestRail

Agile transformation seems to be the buzzword these days. How can you be an agile leader, regardless of your position in the organization? (Yes, even as an individual tester.) By developing your agile mindset, finding allies, and earning and celebrating small successes.

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How it Works: Winning at TestRail Reporting

How it works. Jira and Other Testing Integrations. Webinar. TestRail.

As promised during our live webinar, here’s the recording so you can re-watch it at your leisure. And if you weren’t able to join or even sign-up for the live webinar, here’s what you missed!

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3 Tips for Measuring Test Coverage in an Automated Environment

unit tests, API tests, UI automation, exploration, communicating coverage, tours, coverage analysis. Measuring Test Coverage in an Automated Environment, Software Testing, Test Automation. TestRail, Gurock.

Modern development practices tend to be automation heavy. developers test drive and build unit tests, tests against the service, and then something against the UI. Through out the development cycle, people are exploring the change. How do we assess coverage, and how do we ensure we aren’t building too many overlapping tests when there is so much programmatic testing?

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