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Tester’s Diary: Mapping Out Testing on a Journey to DevOps

TestRail, Software Testing, DevOps,, Agile

In an earlier post, I talked about some of the challenges we had as we planned our move toward a DevOps development style. Here, I’ll talk about our first attempt at defining how testing will be carried out on a DevOps team.

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Leading in Times of Organizational Uncertainty

TestRail, Software Testing, Leadership, Agile

Change is probably the only thing we can count on when working in tech areas. For teams to continue to function effectively and deliver value, leaders must get in front of the organizational change management curve and actively engage the uncertainty their teams face. But not all managers have the necessary “soft skills”.

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Mobile and Responsive Design Testing: Solving the Combinatorics Problem

TestRail, Mobile Testing, Responsive Testing, QA

Today’s websites tend to be “responsive design” and adapt to fit the screen. Mobile applications can be responsive as well, scaling up to fit your iPad and down to fit your oldest-smallest-yet-still supported iPhone. With mobile and responsive design, you write once; then test over and over again.

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Free Ebook: 12 Secrets of Effective Test Management

TestRail, Test Management

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our free ebook, “12 Secrets of Effective Test Management.” Inside, you’ll find a range of essential test management topics including process, modeling, risk, delivery, reporting, and tools. Each section includes relevant stories from the experiences of author Paul Gerrard, and concludes with some ideas to help you apply the concepts presented.

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Three Things to Learn from the Bugs You Found

TestRail, QA Testing, Software Testing, Continuous Improvement

The bugs we find during testing can tell us a lot about the application, the state of its quality and its release-readiness. Bugs can also provide insights into our development processes and practices — and lapses therein.

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Data Science: Magic, Trend, or Status Quo?


Data science promises the ability to extract valuable knowledge from data. But with the staggering amount of data available to us, figuring out what it all means is getting harder.

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Applying Variability in Automated Tests

TestRail, Variability, Test Automation

One common criticism of test automation is that it will only exercise a single path through the code. Now, if the intent of your automated testing is to exercise a single scenario under specific conditions then a “single path” is what you need. But by introducing conditions that can be selected by a tester, we can define a single entity that exercises a combination of related scenarios in a controllable manner.

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Drop a Little AI on It: Random Test Data Generation

TestRail, AI, Machine Learning, Random Test Data

You don’t need to get a degree in Machine Learning to add a little AI to your application. You don’t even need to build a model of the software and allow it to take “random walks.” Learn how to solve the “problem of local optima” by generating random test data.

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Tester’s Diary: The Long, Slow Road to DevOps

TestRail, Testers Diary, DevOps

We are moving toward a more agile way of working. We have testers in the development team room, and include developers in our exploratory test strategy. Our next team improvement is a move toward DevOps. It’s going to be a long haul.

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What’s Your Project Rhythm?

TestRail, agile, scrum

Collocated teams who work within 30 meters of each other can exploit iterations as a timebox. Distributed teams with enough hours of overlap can also use iterations. But if you can’t tell when a distributed team’s day starts or ends, iterations won’t work. What are your options?

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