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Using the Best of Agile and Lean for Your Project

Agile, lean, sdlc, kanban, scrum. Using the best of agile and lean for your project. Formal Agile Process. TestRail.

Many teams think they can only use Scrum, or kanban, or a scaling framework as a formal process. Nothing could be further from the truth! Many teams can benefit from using agile and lean principles to determine their agile project approach.

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Can You Unit Test Your Database? You Bet

Historically, if you asked what unit testing was, you’d probably get a curious mix of definitions. Personally, I’ve seen them run the gamut. This has included everything from very specific definitions of automated testing to the extremely vague: “it’s when you test the stuff you just did.” I attribute this phenomenon to the juxtaposition of two fairly general, subjective concepts: “test” and “unit.”

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Testing All 5 Aspects of a System’s Performance

CPU, memory usage, disk, network, performance testing, creating a performance test, test metrics, measuring system performance, cloud computing, software development, test plan, test planning

Describes the characteristics of various approaches to performance testing. Examines performance testing based on measuring CPU utilization, network latency, code efficiency and data transformation. Also discusses considerations when creating performance test plans.

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Penetration Testing and the PMP: Managing Pen Testing Like the Project It Is

Penetration testing, Pen Testing, Project Management, PMP, Project Manager, Security testing

Pen Testing is more than just launching a bunch of tools. It should be a structured process that you can repeat and refine each time you carry it out. In short, managing Pen Testing as a project gives you the ability to do just that. We’ll show you how a Project Management Professional (PMP) organizes and manages Pen Testing activities.

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Testing Without a User Interface

Software Testing Without a User Interface. 3 Ways to Test Software Without a UI. Design and usability, code reviews, API testing, working with developers

Everyone wants to deliver software faster than they are today. Or at least, the companies they work for want that. At some point, a test-last process becomes a barrier to delivering just a little bit faster or more frequently. I will talk about ways to test before there is a UI that prevent the test-last bottleneck. Being able to write code isn’t required, but it certainly won’t hurt.

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Continual Planning: The Driver of Continuous Testing, Integration and Delivery

Continual Planning. Planning, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous delivery. Software Testing. Testrail.

Many organizations plan once a year or once a quarter. But by sticking to these predetermined plans, they lose the best part of agile: adapting to change. When we use continual planning, we can gain the benefit of continuous testing, integration and delivery, and planning becomes much easier.

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Can You Have Too Many Tests?

Can You Have Too Many Tests? BDD, behavior-driven development, specification by example, scenarios, scope, story breakdown.

The automated tests created as part of the behavior-driven development (BDD) process provide us with numerous benefits; they provide a test suite that lets us know if we have any regressions, they give us time to do needed exploratory testing, and they document the capabilities of the system—if the tests all pass, we know we can trust them as documentation. It would seem that, with these potential benefits, having more automated tests is always better—but that’s not necessarily the case.

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5 Ways DevOps Complements Agile

5 Ways DevOps Complements Agile. Software Development, Continuous testing, DevOps, Agile, Continuous Delivery, waste elimination

With adoption of DevOps at a fast pace in the software industry of late, there is a debate on whether DevOps is here to replace the Agile movement. I have always seen DevOps as a friend and an extension of Agile. Here I would like to highlight ways how DevOps actually complements Agile.

I will highlight the similarities in basic principles like continuously delivering value and focus on user needs,a culture of inclusion and focus on eliminating wasteful practices etc., which make DevOps complementary to Agile.

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Reprioritizing Testing

Reprioritizing Testing. Building skills outside of software testing. Refocusing Software Testing Priorities.

Year-end review time is usually exciting for me. I genuinely enjoy looking over the list of things I hoped to accomplish, figuring out what I did right and what I could have done better, and talking it all over with my very supportive boss. Last year, most of my goals were skill-stretchers, but very few of them were directly related to testing.

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Deliberate Practice in Software Testing Webinar Video

Getting Started with Deliberate Practice in Software Testing. Webinar. TestRail

Here’s the webinar video for everyone who couldn’t make or simply wants to re-watch it.

During the webinar, we discussed the various ways in which you can think about, get started with and get feedback on your deliberate software testing practices. See the links in the article for resources you will likely find useful on your journey towards being a better software tester:

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