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Skills for Agile Testers Webinar

The Skills for Agile Testers on a Modern Software Engineering Team. TestRail. Software Testing Advice.

The TestRail team was proud to go live with our first webinar yesterday – “Skills for Agile Testers in a Modern Software Engineering Team.”, with special guest Jess Ingrassellino. Jess has been a long time contributor to the TestRail blog so we were both super proud AND thrilled to have her speak about ways in which testers can exercise daily practices and develop some new skills in order to work with their teams more effectively.

We played to a full house, so for those who weren’t able to make it into the webinar – we recorded it for you.

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3 Test Design Techniques and When to Use Them

3 Test Design Techniques and When to Use Them. Software testing strategies and advice from TestRail. Domain Testing Scenario Testing and Risk Based Testing. Combining and balancing Software Testing strategies. QA. TestRail.

Most testers don’t think much about test design techniques. They might be proficient with or really enjoy a handful of design techniques, domain testing or usability for example, and use those almost exclusively. This pattern lends itself to heavy coverage in some parts of the product. Over time, the rest of the product become a mystery. Testers lose their handle on how features work, how they interact with other parts of the product, or what risks might be hiding there.

I want to talk about a handful of test techniques in terms of the types of product and project risk they expose, and how to balance these techniques during a testing session so we don’t end up with too much missing coverage.

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The Accidental Expert

Software Installation. Software Testing. One database system for our website data, and one database for the messaging system. Troubleshooting. TestRail.

I was happy for people to see personally the pain points of the installation process, because I wasn’t sure I was doing a good enough job of describing how challenging installation was in those first days. The frustration we all felt turned out to be a good indicator of what needed to change. I feel confident that once the installer is ready, I’ll be ready to test and troubleshoot it as an expert that learned the hard way.

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The Palindrome Software Testing Challenge

The Palindrome Software Testing Challenge: Different Strategies in Planning, Testing and Reporting. Software Testing Training and Strategies. Gurock and TestRail

Paul Harju and I wrote a small web page in javascript as an exercise to help teach people test design approaches. The webpage has a text field and a button. The user can enter a string into the field, click the submit button, and then in the the website will refresh and tell you whether or not the string you entered is a palindrome.

This looks like a simple challenge at first, but there are a lot of different directions in which the exercise may be taken…

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I Taught Myself to Code and You Can Too!

I Taught Myself to Code and You Can Too! Coding for Software Testers. Learn to code. Software Testing Software TestRail.

Many people want to teach themselves to code. The problem is that there are hundreds of resources, and it’s difficult to judge what works, and what you need. Knowing how to break a complicated subject down into smaller pieces, and how to connect abstract concepts to their practical application will help you evaluate your own learning style, choose resources that fit your preferences, and become part of a tech community so that you can teach yourself to code, and continue to find help along your journey.

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The Quality Mountain

The Quality Mountain. Use the infographic and strategies below to help steer your software testing and product quality efforts, whatever the size of your company right now. TestRail.

Every product team knows that it can be an uphill struggle to scale their product to where it needs to be, and that hiring a dedicated tester may not be top priority in the early days of a business. The information you get from good testing should be though – because a poor quality product isn’t going to help you scale obstacles that can seem vertiginous in nature.

Use our infographic and testing strategies to help steer your testing and product quality efforts, whatever the size of your company right now. Whether you’re a startup or a public company – the strategies it contains will act as a sherpa for your business, helping your testers provide the information they need to steer the company away from precipitous falls and on the trail towards success.

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Less Checking – More QA!

Real QA with TestRail and MoQA App. Software Testing Mobile Applicaions. TestRail Integration.

There is plenty of discussion about the important distinctions to be made between checking and testing activities. Checking is an activity to be performed using tools and automated tests; but for testing we need a human mind. And it becoming increasingly important that the person carrying out that testing is able to adapt and think in a generalised fashion about the object of their testing.

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Testing Tools in Python

Software Testing tools in Python. Robust Software Testing Libraries in Python. Software Testing Automation Built in Python. Gurock and TestRail.

Python offers several several robust testing libraries, from unit testing and mocking for integration tests to security, load, and UI testing. We have reviewed several libraries and have chosen to share these for their ease of implementation, ease of use, and community contribution/active maintenance over time. As you read, you’ll learn about each of the libraries, how they work, where to fit them in your toolchain, and where you can learn more about each.

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How I Learned to Build a Test Suite

Building a Software Testing Suite, using programming languages such as Python, Ruby and Java to build test automation. Article provides advice for Software Testers. Gurock and TestRail.

Like most testers, I learned to build my first test automation suite through trial and error. My choices for language and tooling were directly related to the strengths of the development team, as I was learning programming and test automation skills simultaneously.

Experimentation was critical as I worked my way through books and hundreds of stackoverflow posts, learning the nuances of test automation development. Over my time of developing automation frameworks on my own for three different companies, as well as performing maintenance and writing tests for my current company, there are some key pillars that I have leaned on each time I do this work from the beginning.

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Two ways to Provide a Better Testing Service

Two ways to Provide a Better Software Testing Service. Demonstrating skills and Communicating effectively in Software Testing Roles. Gurock and Testrail.

I read a question on one of the software testing subreddits a few weeks ago. The company this person worked for had a process where developers were responsible for writing very detailed test procedures, along with annotated screenshots. Those procedures, and all of the supplemental screenshots and videos, were then passed to someone on a testing team to perform.

The reason for the reddit post, was that this process took too long. They were looking for tips that would allow them to continue creating detailed procedures to hand-off, but get through it much faster. This isn’t a lone occurrence, there are plenty of companies that still view testing groups as people to run procedures and nothing more.

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