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Reprioritizing Testing

Reprioritizing Testing. Building skills outside of software testing. Refocusing Software Testing Priorities.

Year-end review time is usually exciting for me. I genuinely enjoy looking over the list of things I hoped to accomplish, figuring out what I did right and what I could have done better, and talking it all over with my very supportive boss. Last year, most of my goals were skill-stretchers, but very few of them were directly related to testing.

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Deliberate Practice in Software Testing Webinar Video

Getting Started with Deliberate Practice in Software Testing. Webinar. TestRail

Here’s the webinar video for everyone who couldn’t make or simply wants to re-watch it.

During the webinar, we discussed the various ways in which you can think about, get started with and get feedback on your deliberate software testing practices. See the links in the article for resources you will likely find useful on your journey towards being a better software tester:

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Developers Can Test, Too

Asking developers to Test Software. Software Testing with the Development Team. Software developers testing software. Testail

I’m a tester who works in a development team room. On our team, developers write unit and integration tests, and all other test activities fall to the tester—or at least, that was true until this week. From now until the next release, management has decided that developers can test, too.

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7 Pair Programming Tips for Beginners

Pair Programming tips. Pair Programming. 7 Pair Programming Tips for Beginners

When you start something new, there’s always kind of a make or break period. A good first impression can win a convert for life. Conversely, a bad first impression can win a critic for life. This is true for just about any pursuit. But it’s especially true for pair programming. I want to offer some pair programming tips specifically for beginners. Here’s how you can avoid stumbles out of the gate that might knock you off track permanently.

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Penetration Testing 101: How to Get Started

Penetration Testing. Introduction to Penetration Testing. Pen Testing Strategies. Software Testing. Gurock

You’ll find Penetration Testing, often just called Pen Testing, explained differently, depending on where you get your input. Most sources agree that Pen Testing is essentially an ethical hacker carrying out attacks, like a malicious attacker, to help expose environmental vulnerabilities. While accurate, that’s a bit of a convoluted definition. Let’s pull it apart a bit.

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Deliberate Practice Webinar

Deliberate Practice Webinar. Software Testing Strategies. Software development trends. TestRail.

By all accounts, the Top Gun academy was pretty successful. By 1973 the pilot kill ratio had gone from 1:1 to 1:12 in the US favour. To put it another way, each U.S. pilot downed around 12-13 enemy planes for each plane they lost. Over the course of time, they improved the skills of fighter pilots still further, to the point where during the first Gulf War, U.S. pilots shot down thirty-three enemy planes while only losing one of their own in the process.

How did they make such dramatic improvements? And why am I talking about fighter pilots on a testing blog anyway?

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Moving from Tester to Lead

Moving from Software Tester to Lead. career path, mentoring, coaching, moving beyond being a technical contributor. TestRail.

One of my first concerns when I got into testing was moving from a junior, the lowest person in the organizational chart, up to a lead. Leads always seemed so cool to me. They were respected, people came to them with important questions, they had responsibility for their own work as well as the work of other people on the test team, and, well, leads made more money, too. I wanted all of that.

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How Does BDD Impact Your Overall Testing Strategy?

BDD Testing. Behavior Driven Development and Software Testing Strategies. Software development trends. TestRail.

So, what is this BDD testing stuff, anyway? Before I answer that (as it turns out, nonsensical) question, I’ll speak briefly about the sometimes-frantic world of software development trends. It seems that, methodologically, software development reinvents itself at a staggering pace. First there was software development, and then there were formalized processes, like the Rational Unified Process (RUP). Then we went agile, but that wasn’t quite enough, so we scaled agile, got lean, and started doing something ominously called “mobbing.” And that’s just on the process side, with workflows and collaboration models.

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A Look at 5 BDD Tools for C# Codebases

In today's post, we take a look at five different BDD tools for C#. But first, a discussion of what BDD is, and what different flavors of it look like. bdd tools, bdd tools c# TestRail.

BDD is hugely helpful, given the right tools and the right process. The overarching aim is simple but powerful. First you express what you want the system to do in natural language, so that everyone understands. Then you match that behavior to automated tests. It sounds simple, but the devil is in the details. Let’s explore some tools to help you achieve this, while making those details less devilish. Specifically, let’s look at some BDD tools for C#.

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Feedback & Feedforward for Continuous Improvement

Agile approaches build in double-loop learning: the product backlog, the team's process, and the product itself. Software Testing. Feedback, double-loop learning, reflection, retrospectives. TestRail

Agile approaches build in double-loop learning for everything: the product backlog, the team’s process, and the product itself. We have alternatives to one retrospective at the end of two weeks. Instead, we can use continual feedback from and to the product owner and within the team to create a better team process and product.

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