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Clarifying Scope with Scenarios in Behavior-Driven Development

Clarifying Scope with Scenarios in Behavior-Driven Development. Software Testing Strategies and Advice. Do we need a detailed narrative for a better understanding? TestRail

It doesn’t take long for teams to learn just enough about behavior-driven development (BDD) to be excited. I used to sit for a couple hours with business analysis, developers, product owners, testers, and even managers, showing them the fundamentals of BDD. My goal was to help them hit the ground running by answering questions for them: What are we trying to do with BDD? What does a feature look like? What’s a scenario?

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Succeeding With Test-Driven Development at a Distributed Start-up

Succeeding with TDD at a Distributed Startup. Testing. TestRail.

I worked at a start-up for three years (from 2013 through to 2016) building software as a remote developer. Working with the team from the comfort of my home, we were able to frequently ship production software to a Fortune 200 customer.

Every day, we pair-programmed with each other remotely, part of the parcel of accepting the gig. I firmly believe we wouldn’t have survived as a distributed company without the pairing. It brought us together as a team, kept us from going stir-crazy, and minimized the distraction of people and shiny things in our home.

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Testing Challenges in the Future World of IoT

What the future world of Iot means for the software testing industry. API standardization will improve Iot Testing. TestRail.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding. According to a report published by IHS, the IoT space is expected to grow by a factor of 5 over the next 10 years. The rate of growth is reminiscent of the early days of the Internet. There are a number of reasons for this tremendous growth. Modern industrial manufacturing and commercial retailing are using IoT in more of their products. More internet aware devices are having more interactions with each other.

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Regression Testing: What is it and How Does it Help You?

Regression testing is a critically important part of any software organization's testing strategy. Learn what it is and how it helps you. | Regression defects, software testing, Regression Testing Strategy. TestRail. Gurock.

Problems with and defects in software that you release is the scourge of the software industry. It’s also the raison d’etre of testing and quality assurance groups. But it’s not the only way that bugs rear their ugly heads.

They also come in the form of regression defects.

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Announcing TestRail 5.4.1 Platform Release with Improved User Admin Features and Fixes

TestRail | 5.4.1 | Platform Release with Improved User Admin Features and Fixes

We’ve had a number of requests from our customers for improvements to the way in which users are administrated. In the past, it’s been difficult for administrators of large installations to manage all of their users and groups. So, we decided to make it easier for them with a few changes to the UI on the Users & Roles tab in the Administration area.

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Three Steps to Better Measurement

Three Steps to Better Measurement, Software Testing Strategies. Gurock and Testrail. Software Testing Advice.

Most of the measurement programs I have experience with are an attempt to capture every data point possible. The leadership at companies using large measurement programs were generally busy with things that kept them away from the development team, such as customer site visits, planning meetings, resource allocation, and so on. Despite being detached from the process of making software, these managers still needed information to guide the team and to report to their supervisors.

My preference today is a much simpler approach involving one measurement at a time, and throwing away past data when it isn’t useful anymore.

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Where and Why we Automate

Software Testing automation. Which roles in a technical team are using automation. How and Why we use Automation in Software Testing. TestRail

I see more test automation projects that start and then are later abandoned, than started and subsequently celebrated for what they contribute to a software project. This generally starts with a complaint that it takes the QA group too long to perform regression testing. Managers demand test automation, and testers have a knee jerk reaction and begin building tests using WebDriver.

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Getting Ready for 2018

Software Tester Career Advice. Gaining New Skills. Software Testing Careers and Skills. Finding a new role in Software Testing.

Lots of people use the Christmas and New Year break as a time of reflection. I’ve certainly done so in the past and it’s a tradition I’ve tended to find extremely useful. Sometimes, it’s led me to make some life-changing decisions. Most often, it’s simply helped to give me a sense of purpose and direction heading into the new year.

Typically, I’ll find my thoughts drifting in a couple of directions when I’m reflecting on my career. Either, it’s time to upskill in my current role. Or it’s time to start looking for a new one…

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Agile Testing Reflections 2017

Agile Testing Reflections 2017. How Agile Strategies Integrate and Benefit Software Testing. Gurock. TestRail.

Throughout my career, I have been into agile and observed it first-hand. After being on this journey for almost a decade now, I have figured out over the years that being agile is about embracing an attitude more than any process or tools. Here are a few of my key learnings from 2017, I hope they help you in the New Year!

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12 Days of Christmas Articles

Christmas, Software Testing Strategies. Gurock and Testrail. Software Testing Advice.

Merry Christmas everyone! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with us all at TestRail Towers by coming back each of the 12 days of Christmas for a daily dose of testing awesomeness.

In true advent style, we’ll be activating a different bauble each day – with a link to one of our most favourite and useful articles of 2017. All you need to do, is check back everyday, and follow the new link!

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