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Alex King wrote a posting about the Zend Studio PHP IDE where he reports that you are actually allowed to use a license on more than one computer even though the license text states otherwise. He also emphasizes that there are no developers who use only one computer these days.

When we started developing SmartInspect we also thought about this issue and decided that we would allow the installation of SmartInspect on up to three computers per licensed user. You still need to buy one SmartInspect license for each named user, but a user can install SmartInspect on his work PC, notebook and computer at home for example. Our license text states:

“Gurock grants to the Customer, after registration and payment of the licence fee, the non-exclusive right to install, to load and run the licensed programs on a maximum of three computer systems per licensed user. Note that a licence must be purchased for each person who uses the licensed programs. A licence is thus tied to a particular person.”

This affects only the SmartInspect Console by the way, as we allow licensed users to redistribute the libraries royalty-free. I think it’s fair to allow the usage of a license on more than one computer and most desktop programs should use this license concept in my opinion. I know that at least Nick Bradbury licenses his TopStyle and FeedDemon programs the same way. Is anyone else in the microISV community using this approach?

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