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We are very happy to announce a new beta of! We designed and developed the new site to be a mix of Digg, Stack Overflow and the old, allowing you to vote for postings, marking items off-topic and saving the best postings as favorites.


Popular postings, i.e. postings with many votes, are promoted to the Popular section of the front-page of the new site and thus get more attention. Popular postings are also featured on the new Popular pages, which makes it easy to track the most popular postings over time.

The new sidebar and widgets allow you to configure which newsgroups and community resources you want to see, and in which order they are displayed. We will add additional newsgroup and feed widgets soon, so if you have any suggestion for additional feeds that should be included, please let us know.

You can now also stay up-to-date on Delphi news and Delphi blog postings via Twitter by following @delphifeeds. This isn’t really a new feature and the crawler has been twittering for a few months now, but we haven’t announced it yet. So if you missed this, make sure to follow @delphifeeds!

We also finally updated the Blog of the Year award and determined the winners. It took us (a lot!) longer than expected, but there were always more important things to do, so my apologies for the delay. Anyway, congratulations to the blog authors and winners of the prizes and thanks to the prize sponsors!

So if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the new site and please provide feedback. If no major issues come up during the beta, we will switch to the new site next weekend.

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